Wednesday, 10 October 2012

IT'S BEEN TOO LONG:(:(:(...........


Well I've been flat  on my back for almost
a year, but thank the good Lord I'm just about
all better. When I finally got on my art table I
went a little MAD :):).
I goggled images, card sketches and got some
beautiful ones from wow so many I'll have to
look them up, oops lost part of my mind and half
of my hair LOL while ill :):)...
I made almost 200 cards I post them latter.
I noted it was that time of year again.
I had started my Christmas cards last Nov.
then I became ill sooooooooo, I'm finishing
them off. I was so sad I couldn't finish them last
So here they are I'm making 36 of them.
I'm so glad to be back and have been looking
at all my fav blogs all the fantastic card makers.
Following them has helped me heal, I've even got
brave enough to comment on a few who blew me away.
Thanks for looking:):)
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Tonniece said...

WELCOME BACK to blogland Dianne.
Your cards are beautiful my friend
Big Hugz

Luci said...

Hoooraay!!! :) I am glad you are feeling better, Dianne :) That is wonderful that you can get back at creating beautiful artsy things.

I laughed when reading the part how you went "a little mad" when you got to your art table, and how you googled images until you lost part of your mind and half of your hair ... haha, don't get bald for the sake of art though. ;)


Anonymous said...

what beautiful cards they are,you are very talented and could give the designers a run for their money. glad you are my friend/ love and hugs sheila byeeeeeeeeee