Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I have to have another small operation on Thursday the 8th.
I will be in hospital for 3 days then home.
Hopefully I won't be too ill and can come back and
be posting again soon, Gees seems like
 I just got back here:) , See ya soon...



My Friend Jan asked me to decorate a boot box
for her she is going to ship it full of craft goodies.
The lady is moving to a home and will be able
to have this for her room.
I used sparkly wrapping paper, added her name
to it and a couple of shinny words and stuff LOL.
I added 2 little fairies to protect her. Then  put
a sticky trim on the lid. I went over the foam letters
with liquid clear nail polish 5 coats so they will stay
on the box.

Most of the things I use I buy from Charity shops
 I have bought a few things we all must use :)
and will try to mention these things when I do.
I apologise to anyone I offended by not mentioning
there products
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First off I have to mention a very lovely and very
talented Lady named Fiona http://www.youtube.com/user/Jennings644
 MY BF Tonniece  showed me this Lady.
Boy has she inspired me. She makes everything herself
and shows you how to do it. Her videos are like, your
in her craft room with her and is she funny too.
I made this picnic basket and a box which I will
show later. I used the technique using glue and
alcohol inks.
The stick pins and embellishments were from
her videos too.
Hopefully When I go see my DS in Cambridge
England I can plan a visit to meet this wonderfully
inspiring woman.
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More inspireation from Fiona, my stick pins
are small, I need 3in sticks these will be OK
for cards. I made 4 in the bottom pic and my
friend Sheila made 2.
The top pic is the bling, embellishments for anything.
       I would like to get a thin glue gun, mine gives too much glue
so you can see it underneath.
I love making my own things to use so thanks again Fiona.
She will probably never see this but what the heck:):)
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