Friday, 28 June 2013



I used some lovely papers from Recollections, Floral Foliage.
I stamped a dragon fly they buzz all around her cottage too,
I added my tissue hummingbirds.
I used some dyed paper towels underneath the sentiment
cut out of an old card.'I don't have a printer so I used those.
I edged everything with shabby shutters.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.
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 I got home from swimming and sat at my desk to finish this tag, I finished
by 9 shesh lots of work here :O)..
I used some inked watercolor for the base.
Added her name in sticky letters.
Added my hummingbirds

The knot I got from Bibiana
She creates the most beautiful 3D and other fabulous thing
 like this knot in a video..
added some cheese cloth behind

I cut up a doily from my friend Tonniece, I thought  it gave it a nautical feel like a porthole.
I used some coloured tissue then glazed it with clear nail polish.

I looked at a lot of images of docks and this is what I came up with.
I used cut up chopsticks and a twig and twine, I gessoed and inked
with the shabby shutters

More of the lovely paper  added my hummingbirds used some metallic
 gelatos added the name of her cottage which is what I call it :O)
with sticky letters

Oh boy my friend had got me some seam binding to dye for  my tags
but it wasn't the kind everyone else uses, it was a pain, it took the ink
but I had to iron the fold lines out and crinkle it a few times to get it to
make it look okay then added some twine I'm not happy how it looks.
Sorry blogger just does what it wants to  and posted it backwards
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013



Good morning everyone, its wonderful wed, again the day everyone
around the world get to snoop at all the wonderful artist showing
their work, grab a cuppa and enjoy snooping
Our Lovely Julia is hosting it
I'm making a BD card for my DS she has a cottage on the French
River, I call it hummingbird cottage, she has 12 feeders
you can see sometimes 5 at a time outside her windows
amazing to see..
I have stamped one on plain, water coloured tissue also a piece of
paper towel from inking. I will be adding these to my tag I'm making
her,that's it for today.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative day..
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Monday, 24 June 2013



I covered the box with one sheet of the water colour paper,
I used the paper towel from the inking and put it on the rim,
I love the texture of it..
Now I don't know what I will do, probably some stamping, not
sure I have one I like, anywho, I'll post the rest when I finish.
I have 2 tags for BD and 4 key chains to alter.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful creative day..
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Saturday, 22 June 2013



Hello my Lovelies I just wanted to show the results of my inking.
I have already cut up the last one and used it on my box, I
still have more to do on that...
Gone for a play day at Tonniece's with my friend Sheila yippee..
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day..
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Thursday, 20 June 2013


This is the before, I took off the things on there:O)
This isn't my hat, a lovely Lady at water fit,( I go 4 times a week)
sits outside as we wait for our ride, when she first asked me to go
out with her, I told her are you crazy LOL, me sit in the sun, yuck NEVER.
So the next day she brought me a hat so I could sit out there with her,
great,,, so out I go with this, dare I say funny looking hat and SIT in
that darn sun, that was a few weeks ago. It was an old hat and the
rim was falling apart the flowers and netting was coming loose,
okay I'm laughing now too. Today she, brings it in her walker and
handed it to me saying its really coming apart, "yes", I said, "well do
you think you could fix it", I thought, having to sew it would be the way.
Sewing a nightmare for me, the hand stuff is the worst, so I said
"of course, I'll take it home and do something with it".
Since I was the one wearing it I thought I'd make it more ME :O).
I took it all apart and looked around, and saw my rust ummm..
Plugged the glue gun in and put some rusted braided ribbon
around the brim,
I sewed and gathered rusted lace to put behind
 a flower I made out of coffee filters,
Trailed a few rusted crocheted circles,
glued some buttons for the middle.
Now it's ME :):):).
New hat below with a few close ups, I've been waiting
to use the rust, love it.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative day.
I off to water fit...
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hello Everyone it's fabulous Wednesday again and we are  snooping
around every ones desk around the world, if you want to grab a cuppa
and join the journey, wonderful Julia is hosting the snoop party at her blog

Well I'm inking again shesh..
I have tried two different technique on my wooden box but it wasn't
working, so I have to cover it with some paper and I had nothing
in my paper stash so an inking I go...
The first pic is the water soaked paper after I dropped the ink on it
The second is with film wrap on top all scrunched up.

This is another page.

This page I put some blue ink then used some water colour paint (from
the project that didn't work on the box:).) green and yellow,
I used a feather to add the sepia ink..

The first 2 pics are, one the page on my desk  then when I moved it and the colours
blended a bit more, in the moving process.
The bottom to are of paper towels I used cleaning everything up and hanging
them to dry, sadly I hate to waste anything, I use it all somewhere LOL, I do.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative day..
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Two post today...
After I wrecked a watercolour paper :)  I tried to make a design
with my initial D with gellatos, I tried blending it with water and
then my brush hahha, looked yucky but I wasn't through it out.
I went to the store across the road, they have stacks of potted
flowers for sale, I asked the cashier if I could take a few fallen one.
I brought 4 home cut the paper up,
put the flowers on, covered them with the blank piece,
pounded them with a rubber mallet,
they have to be a velvety kind to work well.
I let them sit over night, I used a phone card to scarp the petals
left on it.
I have some close ups below..

I love both sides, will use them somewhere, you Ladies should
give it a try, right from your own garden, preserve your gorgeous
blooms out there...
Thanks for visiting, hope this inspires you ladies with gardens, I'd
love to see your creations, have a fun creating sometime today..
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I had fun making these ones, singing along to my tunes :), playing
with my gelatos,
The first one I made a red dot in the centre, surrounded it with pink.
used my brush and water to blend it.
The second one I used butterscotch, blue, and streaks of
chocolate, blended with the brush and water.
Third one, grey and peach, then blended.
forth one, blue and butterscotch,
I can't remember which blue.
I would if I designer for Faber Castel ^-^.....

AAH my fairy tape,love it, used guava and lavender
These gelatos are making me use colours, I normally wouldn't use.
Not a spot of green any where:O).
You can see in the last pic I have them on an old voting board,
I use them for a lot of things, they are good hard plastic,
it cuts like butter with a hot knife.:)
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative day..
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Sunday, 16 June 2013



Well I have them all finished, I saved the best for last....^-^..
I did stamp on them but forgot to take a pic.
I only have a few punches and had used them already a few times.
So I thought I would create a different type of window and I
looooove how theses turned out.
I edged them all with walnuts, shabby shutters. I poured clear nail polish
on all my windows on all the atcs...
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day..
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