Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Two post today...
After I wrecked a watercolour paper :)  I tried to make a design
with my initial D with gellatos, I tried blending it with water and
then my brush hahha, looked yucky but I wasn't through it out.
I went to the store across the road, they have stacks of potted
flowers for sale, I asked the cashier if I could take a few fallen one.
I brought 4 home cut the paper up,
put the flowers on, covered them with the blank piece,
pounded them with a rubber mallet,
they have to be a velvety kind to work well.
I let them sit over night, I used a phone card to scarp the petals
left on it.
I have some close ups below..

I love both sides, will use them somewhere, you Ladies should
give it a try, right from your own garden, preserve your gorgeous
blooms out there...
Thanks for visiting, hope this inspires you ladies with gardens, I'd
love to see your creations, have a fun creating sometime today..
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Julie Ann Lee said...

You are just amazing, Dianne, so inventive! I have a small magpie garden and I'm going to try this. I'll show you how it turns out! Julie Ann xxx

butterfly said...

What an amazing way to preserve the flowers for artwork!
Alison x

earthenmagic said...


Sue Lelli said...

I am so INSPIRED by this! I have company, she is an artist, and we are going to try this right now! Bye! LOVE this!

Jenn Bedient said...

Who would've thought to pound flowers?!? They turned out stunning. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Diane said...

Pretty...pretty!!! I did this once on a t-shirt....helps take out the frustrations, too...lol!!

smarcoux said...

hi girl well I thnk all you need to do now is get some black markers out and draw the middle bits back again onto the colour of these flowers , hope you get what I mean . ttyl