Friday, 30 May 2014


Hello my lovelies I had some time last weekend to do some dreaming with the Dragons, I must have read it quickly because I though it said the color red so I went with that, lol.
When I was first introduced to music it was at my wonderful second family home, I was 13, we never had music in my home, at our family reunions there was live music all night long, my Uncles playing and singing, those were wonderful memories. At my friend Tonniece's house there was music on all the time from morning till night and it was the wonderful R&B, fabulous dance music and wonderful love song's it became my passion, I always said I had the music running through my veins, I also NEED music to create. When I was sick for a year and half in my bed, my dear friend Sheila got me Mary J Blige latest CD here if your interested. Mary's my girl I played it over and over and she  helped healed me. She is known as the Queen of R&B...

I used a piece of mixed media paper cut it into a Gothic shape from a template I received from my Cuz  and decorated it with all the reds I had of Tim's distressed ink, dropped water all over it,  made some circles with Ecoline magenta ink and water down white paint for the circles with a pill bottle top, I used a bit of my paper artsy stamp, the one I got from my Magpie Cuz, Miss Julie Ann, with some musical notes on it, it's the only musical one I have, I also used a die cut she gave me as a stencil on the bottom, stamped the R&B in the circles, I cut 2 of them out to stamp Queen of R&B and MJB  I put glue dots under, them added a metal crown painted with Inca gold

I fussy cut out one of the photos of Mary from her CD and put a ton of tiny pop dots under it, I cut up a piece of red netting to make the bow and hold the tag.
I decorated a piece of cereal box a bit larger, the same way to make the tag sturdier, and frame it, edged everything with Tim's black soot and Inca gold, I think that's it, no photos of the process I was in the groove :O)..
Thanks for stopping bu my nest so I could share my dream, I'll have the whole weekend to fly around and visit all the other dreamers and all you Lovelies Ladies..
Deb is finished her chemo, she doing okay, now we just wait for the results, I'll also be at my desk creating the textured canvas for my friend Mildred..                       ((( BIG HUGS)))


Sunday, 25 May 2014


Hello my Lovelies, finally back to share Tonniece's BD Purse Card,
I'm going to make this short but photo heavy, Its like the last one I made, but :O), I added and extra wallet with a smaller brown envelope...
I decorated 6 pages to cover both envelopes,  inking, stenciling, stamping lots of  high heels, Tonniece used to own STACKS.. and lots of circles, love them... 

I gessoed this fancy cute paper paper I got and used it for a stencil on a few of the pages..

Made some washi tape...

Covered the envelopes, I stamped everything on old  dress patterns so you could still see the paper beneath. 

The metal shoes were a pair of  Tonniece's own earring she had given me for crafting, as She does...
I glued the duct tape down at the corner where it lifted..

Cut out the sentiment from an old card..

I forgot to take pics of the wallet, it opens the same way, it a wallet full of creativity  this is  certainly enough photos.
Thanks for stopping by my nest and staying till the end, its wonderful of you for visiting while I'm MIA..
I've finished dreaming with the Dragons being inspired by my Cuz.
I have lots more going on at my desk.....

They have started Deb on her second blast of chemo, the first one helped but not enough. I hope to fly around today , spreading some love, have a wonderful week..
((( BIG HUGS)))..


Monday, 19 May 2014


Hello my Lovelies, I am dreaming with the Dragons again, here have a look see at what all the dragons have dreamed up. My dream was done in a lot of little naps :). My Magpie Cuz, Miss Julie Ann got to pick the challenge this time so of course she picked gold
a Magpies favorite and the letter Q, I search my dictionary and found out about Quagga, was an extinct sub species of the plains zebra that lived in South Africa, they were extinct by 1878..

I had a zebra stamp so I tried to create one with it, I started with  a large piece of card board 10 x 6 in., peeled it, used gathered twig and Inca gold all over, I used a hand made black paper with gold flecks through it, for a frame, added water to my Inca gold and flicked more gold one it..
 I cut out a 8 X 4 in. piece of mixed media paper, I went over it with Tim's ink, tea dye, brushed corduroy,frayed burlap and gathered twig around the edge, flicked some water on it. I inked up my stamp with gathered twig and some black trying to make the quagga pattern, not easy, I should have masked it on his rump...
 For the seam binding I first wet it then colored it with my gelatos, it wasn't carmely enough so I added some rusty hinge, that worked, then stamped the zebra in brown and black  and left some just the carmel, then dripped Inca gold on it, I curled the pieces hanging down around a skewer and sprayed it with hairspray to keep it curled..
 I melted a blob of red wax and stamped a Q into it, colored it with Inca gold, used some sticky letters for the rest of the word..
 I used an old metal stencil to write extinct, the words not to straight. I used my gold pen with the sequin waste, I looooooove gold..
Thanks Cuz I had so much fun dreaming with all this gold, squawk..
There is only one day left to enter the challenge eekks I'm late this challenge..
Thanks so much for stopping by my nest, nothing on my desk at the moment so I'll have some time to fly around blog land and get some inspiration, you Lovelies are always jam packed with it, hope you all have a wonderful week.... ((( BIG HUGS)))
Deb is out of bed , having morning walk arounds, that,s a wonderful thing...

                                       NAMASTE !!!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hello my Lovelies, warning this is photo heavy, lots to show you.This took me  almost 2 weeks to make it all, and I dropped it  off yesterday..
This wardrobe is filled with the Princess Tonniece's special ball gowns and fancy hats and some lovely smelling perfume.. 

You might have use to the larger setting for the details of the miniatures
For this hat, I cut out the center of a tea dyed crocheted dollie, I cut out a circle of fine shiny netting, I actually cut out 2, the first one, the hole was to big , glued it to the crocheted piece, I took the other net piece and did a running stitch in the middle around the circle, to make a tiny flower, it turned out more like a tuff, I glued it on glued 3 tiny pieces of tea dyed lace standing them up and glued a tiny white rose behind them to hold them up. I added three beads,  a few tiny feathers ,painted the edge white. I have the hats sitting on small Styrofoam ball covered in tea dyed lace..
I had the tiny glass bottles in my stash, and  the other  two I had made from beads  a while back, I colored the cameo's hair red to remind Tonniece, I'm always with her..

This hat was an earring my friend gave me, I made a broach out of the mate. It looked like a flower before, I bent all the petals backwards to form the brim, glued some feathers and anchored them with a bead, I lined the brim with rusted material and tea dyed lace.

For the dress forms I used the ones I use for my dress, I cut off the skirt to a body shape, cover them with book pages painted with watered gesso, the breast are ear plugs, I cut the tip off, perfect shape :O) I painted them with gesso, then had to make a bra, I was using lace for the tops

Glued some ribbon in the middle then glued the ends in the back.
I made all of the skirts out of old lace handkerchiefs. I cut them into quarters pieces, then used two of them in a triangle shape.
I made the top parts of the dresses out of all my tea dyed laces, added jewels from my broken jewelry, hand bags, and a crotchet shawl 

Sheila and I had a lovely time visiting Tonniece, seeing her new craft room, we are planning a craft day this week, that will be so much fun you all know there is nothing better then crafting with friends. Thanks for hanging around and let me share what I created for my Best Friend it was truly a work of love. I still have her BD Purse card to show you....
It's a long weekend in Canada, wishing you all a wonderful weekend, see you when I can...   ((( BIG HUGS)))..


Thursday, 15 May 2014


Hello my Lovelies, I wanted to share what my wonderful Magpie Cuz in England Julie Ann sent me..

This tag is just gorgeous, love the colors, there are so many details, textures, it's a delight to feel it.

All those special details, makes it a brilliant creation, I looooove it.

We like all the same things, being Magpies, she kindly sent me some beautiful napkins and a fabulous Chinese picture from a calender

Julie Ann knows I don't have any machines  so she sent me a bunch of die cuts kool eh...
I'll be using some of these for templates before I use them  on a project,
Loooooooove the cardboard ones, I can make some lovely shaped triptych now, I'll be make a lot of these...
Love all these flowers, butterflies, moths, how cute are those tiny paper clips shaped like hangers....
I shared a few of the goodies with my friend Sheila

Thanks so much my Friend, you inspire me so much with all your original creations, I can't wait to play with all these goodies
I've just finished Tonniece's purse card and the shadow box, I can't post those till I give them to her this weekend, Sheila and I going to visit her and see her new Craft room..
Life's been crazy, my brother is home feeling better, he has to go for a few more test and they will be assessing him to see if he can still live in his home, my sister Sue is going up for few weeks to help him out. Deb is still the same, still in the hospital..
I will finally be able to visit and do some catch up, can't wait :O).
I was dreaming today with the dragons, I'll be doing a little more of that. Thanks for visiting my nest   ((( BIG HUGS )))


Saturday, 10 May 2014


Hello my Lovelies, this is photo heavy, I took a large brown envelope and made it into it into a purse., It's 12 in. x 9 in.

I used one of my master boards I had and decorated it with a flower I made with material I had dyed years ago and some lace, stamped some sentiments on tissue, they are from my stamp set I won from PaperArtsy...
I used some washi tape and a crotchet flower for the clasp, used foil tape on the back of the flap, stamped her name on the washi tape.

This is the front of the purse, the bottom panel I stenciled a vine and colored it with some Pebeo paint for glass..

These photos show how it folds together

 This is the inside, I made the paper, gessoed over the  original paper and stamped it with script, and a flower, Martha was a wonderful gardener and always fed the birds in her yard..
 I added the birds with some beautiful tissues my wonderful Magpie Cuz in England sent me and some sentiments from an old BD card and a square bit of crocheted lace.
 I pogded some lace on the panel, the flowers I punched out of the card stock I used for the off stamping..

 I stamped the Sisters and chocolate make life bearable on tissue from a sewing pattern, Martha used to make all of her families clothes and was a Quilter.
 I added different lace with gesso this time, I adore the birds and know my DS will too a few more close ups...

I want to thank you for visiting my nest, things haven't been good at my nest,yesterday one of my BF went to check on her Dad and found him passed away in his bathroom, then I got a call from the hospital saying they just brought my Brother in, they are not sure what is wrong with him, he was totally confused, he is 71 so it might be early on set dementia, so I think we my sister Sue and I will be heading up there.  I'll try to keep you posted, if not you know I'll be out of town for a while.. I'll be thinking of you all..
((( HUGE HUGS ))) 

                                            NAMASTE !!!!