Monday, 28 January 2013



I have been cleaning up my shelves, I have 13 of
them in my front room which is my creating room:):)
I had got these slide out boxes at a second hand
shop, Called Bibles for Missions I have gotten a
lot of things from there, ANYWAY LOL.
I had some old wrapping paper, ( which I just found
in my sorting:):)) its like a mixe media pic. Perfect
for my mix media stuff......
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A big thanks to Fiona (jennings on my side bar)
 for showing us how to make
these and a lot of other miniatures.
I just love them, will try to make some lamps and lights.
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Sunday, 20 January 2013



Sorry pics aren't very clear, know now to take the pic
before I put the glass in, painted the frame gold.
Put a window with night sky and moon, added a
fairy in the window. Made a little mirror.
I used wallpaper for the walls..
Where it is on my wall, my light shines on it and
the jewel  does bling love it.
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Well I finished my second shadow box, not great pics
but you get the idea. I love my dresses and loved
making the boxes.. Now just have to get glas for it..
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I used some Chinese wallpaper for the back wall
and used older wallpaper for the sides.
Remade a chair my friend Sheila gave me.
I made a chandelier from broken jewelry
I tried to make the floor look like mosaic tiles
with some paper I inked up.
I used a beautiful  broche I got from a swap we did.
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Decorated another box for my friend Jan, she is sending
this to Amsterdam for a new baby boy (Erica's grandson)
I cover it with wallpaper and stuck the tags on with glossy
accents so they shine and won't come off..
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This was DS Sue gift it a purse made for her cell
phone, I used some canvas DS Sandy had painted
and stamped. Embelished it with some of my
jewel stash. I used gold chain and some wool
braided for the handle...
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This is the warm and toasty house dress
I made for Tonniece for Christmas. She is
always cold so this will keep her warm as
a bug in a rug.
The blue is sweatshirt material and the top
part is double sided fleecy material.
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Sunday, 13 January 2013



Here are a few pics of the box, I love the glass beads
for the feet. I'm going to put them on a box I made.
Love the stick pin and the feather the little piece of
dollies. The paper is stunning, its from the bird song
collection, we both love this paper pack. Can't remember
who makes it, another senior moment.....
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Okay now here it is the out of this world box.
Funny because I was waiting to show the star
box I made, thought it was pretty kool, sheshhhhhhh.
I was blown away when I open this box.
The first pic is the box the box came in, so pretty.
Tonniece had this box and it went perfectly with mine.
She decorated it, didn't get a pic of the lid, it had a pretty
ivory ribbon with sister written on it.
The next pic is the bottom on my star box even it is
stunning. The next pic is the inside lid  look
at it big to read it. The last pic is some pretty pins
Tonnice made in the cute match cover. There was
also some beads and a small stamp saying you rock!
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Saturday, 12 January 2013



Here is the gorgeous card Tonniece made with my
FAB gifts love it, make it bigger to see it properly.
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013



I Love Fairies, I'm always looking for them
at the bottom of gardens when I'm in England.
Tonniece got these from Fiona in England.
They are gorgeous will use them soon.
Fiona's you tube is on my blog list
Last post today,  I'm saving the best for last
Wait till tomorrow to see the most beautiful
thing Tonniece made for me
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