Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hello my Lovelies, it's wonderful Wednesday again and time to go visit what all the other artist around the world are doing, this is all made possible by our generous Miss Julia here, grab a cuppa and enjoy...

I put together my Gelato Swatch book, I added some gelato
colored seam binding, just wet it and color away, I also stamped some birds on it, made a few danglies, a feathers, a bead I made,
with a few glass beads, more glass beads with a feather and and a bird on on a swing, if you would like to see the pages they are in my last oh 5 or 6 post :)...

This is what is on my desk for the week, 2 boxes, well when I saw Miss Julie Ann's here and Miss laura's here I fell in love with them,
they have inspired me to make at least one, two books are all gessoed and ready to decorate. I made 6 tags to go in the small box, all gessoed ready, the small box will be about feathers, and the other an Asian themed. Speaking of feathers you will see some, a plastic sheet, my hot gun, I'm going to try and make some feather stencils, I have never done this before so wish me luck. This is what I'll be up to for this week, hope you all have a wonderful creative week thanks so much for visiting, I'm off to water fit so will be visiting desks later and will visit anyone who has stooped by..


Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hello my Lovelies, finally here with the end of my 
Swatch Gelato Journal, my lovely friend Bibiana
 made 3 swatch books of her stenciling technique's, her
blog is on my side bar is you want to have a look,
that's why I'm calling mine a swatch book, showing
all the techniques I used, these are my last pages.
I just have to put it together, I'll post that another day...

Warning this is a long post with lots of pics, sorry..
The page above is the back of the one with all the layers, note to self decorate the back page before adding the layers, I had already gessoed the page, added some netting bookbinding tape, then some fancy swirly tissue paper with gesso on top of all that, are you still with me :O). I rubbed the gelatos with lots of water, blending them.
Stamped on some tissue with those gorgeous swirly flowers with gathered twigs and edged the torn piece, podged it on the page, splotched some Ecoline sepia all over with a fan brush.
 I stamped the corner of the stamp with the sentiment on the watercolor paper I had sprayed with the gelatos, cut them out and  framing the page with them, edged the whole page with gathered twig and Inca gold, close up below..

The back cover I made out of a piece I cut from cardboard, gessoed over it then rubbed the gelatos and water rubbing it in with my fingers.
I splotched the sepia ink with the fan brush, love droplets,
stamped the word on tissue, podged it on..
I sprayed the stencil with the gelatos on the water color paper, cut it out the sentiment again edged everything in mowed lawn, gathered twig and Inca gold..

The inside of the back cover, I gessoed it leaving the edges plain,
I used the golden's paste with some letters, added it thickly below them trying to make long grasses, that didn't work, when I used the gelato's around the frame, cheap cardboard doesn't work, couldn't get any color with the gelato's, so I painted it with bronze metallic acrylic paint..

This is the bird stencil I had used on the other pages, I colored it just rubbing the gelatos on it with my fingers, I tried some water colored paper behind it, that didn't look good, I saw a large feather on my desk and thought he would look kool with real feathers, I love how he looks now..

That my dear Ladies is then end of all my pages, I want to thank everyone for visiting and  all the lovely comments you have been leaving me,  they do mean so much, they make my heart sing and my wings flapping..
Hope you all have a wonderful creative week..

Friday, 24 January 2014


 Hello my Lovelies, back with a couple more pages, this is the back of the front cover, flat cardboard, I gessoed it, ran some masking tape trying to create a tree, funny shaped tree, then tissue, then more gesso. I rubbed some blue gelato around the outside, the sprayed some green gelato on top, used a fan brush to make some swiping strokes, some brown gelato on the tree, splotched some blue all over..
 I stamped that gorgeous stamp, twice, on tissue, cut it off to look like birds in the grass, I used a fine black pen to extend the grasses,
Edged the whole page in Tim's mowed lawn, the brown twig, then the Inca Gold...

 This page was the chipboard one, gessoed it then sprayed it with the blue gelato, used Tim's mowed lawn through sequin scrim, then stamped randomly with the script stamp that goes with the sanctuary set in black ink...
 I have a box set of cards made out of chip board, I gessoed it over  one a few times, I used a old piece of plastic table cloth, ran some modeling paste over it for this lovely pattern, sprayed it with the blue and green gelatos, rubbed Inca gold all over the raised spots and the edges...
 My little image, well I had stamped the image with gelatos on another  page, then cover the stamp with gesso and stamped it on another piece of card stock, colored it with gelatos and water, cut it out and glued a piece of cardboard behind, to make it sit up, lots of layers, I edged it with the Inca gold.. A little close up, you can see the texture from the gesso..
Using mixed media with the gelatos makes it a lot more fun, sorry
for Gelato-ing you to death, I have only one more page to create, I will be finished the book,  but a few more to show you.  Thanks for visiting and hope you have a wonderful day...

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hello my Lovelies, I've busy at my desk, this was
an embossed page that came with the kit, I rubbed
different gelato's over the page and blended it with
my fingers.
Stamped one of my favorite stamps I received from my
Magpie cousin Julie Ann, on tissue then podged them
to the page and added some of my new washi tape,
 from  Tonniece, looooove it..
A close up below..
                                This is the new cover I made from the wavy
                                corrugated page, I gessoed over it, made some                                   sprays with the gelato's, blue and green,                                              sprayed them booth all over
                                  I splashed some Sepia Ecoline ink on it with
                                  a fan brush cover the whole page with a net
                                  from and onion bag, used more of my washi
                                  tape on the sides to hold it on the page..
                                  A few close ups...

                           I stamped on some water color paper I had sprayed
                           with the gelatos

                            You get a little bird with the kit, this is the                                         negative, I sprayed it with the blue quite heavily,
                            thought I would pour some of my new crystal rock
                            crazy, it didn't stick, I sprayed it with hair spray.
                            that didn't work great either, so I have now put
                            a few coats of clear nail polish, mounted it on
                            more water color paper, gave him a pearl eye. I                                 edged everything with   Tim' mowed lawn, broken                             twigs, then Inca gold.
                            That's is it for today, I have more, I'll post them
                             tomorrow, I've added another page to the book
                             for the back cover, I only have one page left to
                             finish, I'm taking a break and do some visiting.
                             Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a
                              wonderful, creative day...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Hello my Lovelies, I finally watched Limor Webber 
here, she show how to use the gelato's  it helped a lot.
I did these 2 pages before I saw it :O)...
This black velvet (?) page is my favorite so far, I used my 
new Golden's molding paste through a stencil,
blended some gelato's and water on my mat, 
and painted the image,to look like Echinacea ..
Love the Golden's paste and their gesso it works like
a dream..

Below was the canvas page, I had to fray the edges,
painted the page with gesso, colored it with the gelato's
spritz some water and rubbed in them in, used a stencil,
colored them in with the gelato's, .   ..

 I'm now having fun working on the final
pages. Thanks for visiting, and I wish you all a wonderful
creative week..

Sunday, 19 January 2014


      Hello my Lovelies, trying to post on here now is giving me fits,
wings flapping, feathers flying, since updating my Picasa, it added a backup google thing on my desk top, I didn't think I needed more pics of the same photos, extra space used up so I deleted it call me crazy, since then I can't blog from my picasa., I googled the error , no help there, I tried to get it back on, but it isn't in my recycle bin. soooooo I now have to post from blogger and we will see how this goes, wish me luck :O)....

This is the front cover of my gelato book, I gessoed  the cardboard
page, scribbled some blue, green and gold gelatos all over and rubbed them in with my fingers, stamped some of my new swirls,
stamped, my new bird stamp  and the Believe on tissue, all with gathered twigs podged them on, added some white dots around with my big white pen, loooooove it, rubbed some Inka gold around the edge....

Shesh, the photo below is the other side,
gessoed it, used brown and banana gelatos over the whole page rubbed it in,stamped the new swirls on tissue, they are lovely,  used my old gesso through a stencil, that's when I decided I needed some new products :) colored it with gelatos rubbed it in with my fingers,
stamped dream in black ink, added white dots and Inka gold around the edges..


 Clear embossed the next page with my vine stamp,colored the page in blue, green and orange gelatos, I wet my finger with some water started to blend it, the paper started to rub off, I had to rubbed the rest just with my fingers, I wiped it carefully with a baby wipe over the embossing,
added the white dots around the page.

I clear embossed the other side with an old stamp, colored the page with green and a metallic blue, rubbed it with just my fingers,  carefully rubbed over it with a baby wipe, white dashes with my big pen  around the page.

 This page was dry embossed with some flowers, colored the page with the gelatos, sprayed a spot on the page and tried to blend it in and the spot just buckled up, I dried it with a paper towel and just blended again with my fingers... Some of the pages in the book we not strong enough to add water, which I think is a little crazy because gelato's are made to work with water, I was pretty disappointed  with Faber-Castel, I did win mine, but they are the same ones people buy, not good for them. I did buy some good water color paper to play with the gelatos after I finish this book.
I used the page for a frame for an stamped image, used some of my new origami paper,
I colored my other new stamp with pink and purple gelatos, sprayed the stamp with some water and stamped it on white card stock, rubbed Inka gold all around the edges..
The page was all still wonky so I taped it to a piece of scrap  packaging to make it steadier..
Well this post has taken me over an hour to do, so I will keep the other pages for another day :O).
Thanks so much for sticking around for this crazy post, I hope you could understand it LOL..
I hope you all have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS ))) to all my lovely visitors...

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


 Hello my lovelies and welcome to WOYWW
its been so long since I've played, that's possible
because of our wonderful Julia HERE she lets
all of us snooper, I mean Desker have a good look
see at all the wonderful desk around the world
So grab a cuppa and enjoy..

My lovely friend Tonniece also gave  me some money 
to get some art supplies. I hurried down to Curry's one of
our few art supply stores in town, they had gesso and 
modeling paste  on sale so I finally got the real stuff,
3 water color pads and a mixed media one, 3 micro pens.

     I've started my book I won from Faber-Castel,
I'm going to try  and use mostly Gelatos to decorate
the pages, using different techniques.
 I have a few done and will post them soon.

I've put three of my dresses in the birdcage so far,
I love them in there... I will have to decorate the cage
not sure how yet..
Thanks so much for stopping by, I will be visiting around
the desks, it's been ages since I could do that, can't wait..
I hope you all have a wonderful create day..


Sunday, 12 January 2014


                            Hello my Lovelies thanks for stopping by,.
                            I updated my picasa now I can't post from it,
                            Have to do it from Google photo's now, crazy.
                            This is a gorgeous altered powder puff container.
                            She gessoed it then painted it, put some gorgeous
                            die-cuts  on it.
                            I loooooove the feet, they are metal with gesso
                            on them.
                            She gave me 3 gorgeous stamps, some Viva Decor
                            gold, I've been wanting some of that,  lovely
                            washi tape, some gorgeous origami paper.
                            The box was full of goodies too, beautiful ribbons.
                            This fabulous card is made from a paper bag..
                            These were my Christmas and birthday gifts
                            Thanks so much my dear Friend..
                            Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.
                            I hope you have a wonderful week

Thursday, 9 January 2014


                            Hello my Lovelies I finally made a new dress
                            I got these feathers from my DS Sue..
                           I am having some problems downloading from                                   Picasa.
                           I got some fabulous gift from Tonniece I will try
                           to post them later, thanks for stopping by, hope
                           you all have a wonderful day.