Sunday, 29 September 2013


Hello my Lovelies ^-^.. I have to do this in 2 post AGAIN.
I did do a bit of work on these all inspired by all of you...
The front started with some vintage paper I painted it with
watered down gesso, stamped in green with one of my favorite

I first painted it with watered sown acrylic paint, that left it
shiny so I used the gesso, so it would take any stamping..

Yippee I got to use my new stamps I won from the sweet Bibiana.
I love them and have a few ideas how else to use them :O)..

I ended up stamping them again on gray packing paper.
I cut out the smaller squares out of some cardboard  pages
with playing cards on them, these are the back of them, I
stained them with tea and stamped around the edges, not
to neat:), the stamp covers most of it, just needed some
lines, I used a Celtic stamp from my set..

The back of the coasters, I painted over the gesso with tea,
Miss Patty, another awesome Magpie uses tea to paint and
so many other things, Magpie Patty, I know some of you visit
her, I have been wanting to share her with you, she is a mixed
media artist, photographer, seamstress, makes mandalas out of
flowers and more, I'd encourage you to fly by her nest..
I gessoed on a kids stencil, as you see it has cracked on it own.

I went over the stones with some watery black water paint.
I cut, fringed and fitted some tea stained gauze,
cut out in the middle so you could see the rocks.
I stamped all around the edges in black ink..
The finished triptych in in the post below this I hope,
You know how I'm not good at that :O).. 
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You''ll have to click on the photo's if you want a closer
A few other things I did was podged some beige net
behind the image, I made a flowers to add, maybe too
much but all hot glued on now. I pondered for a while
how I could join them. I hot glued them together, with
the fringe in the front, I like that fringe:)
I added a few words to dreamy feel and image of them.

The only color I added was on the dresses with copic's. 

I wanted to hide the joining but not have it stiff,
I cut out some of my tea died crocheted lace..
I looooooove how it looks yippee...

I had so much fun creating a vintage pieces, I've been
admiring everyone else's so much, thanks for the inspiration.
I've been working on my other triptych, but am going to take
a break so I can fly around blog land and visit..
Hope you have a wonderful day...
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Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hello my Lovelies I get to show you the whole tag,
Julie has gotten it, so I have blog some of the making
of this, my imaginary butterfly, the mistake which
turned out okay, I added a few quotes.. 

I used my lovely green see through paper, stamped birds all
 over it,used a page metallic paper underneath,
 a napkin with birds, a feather I had in my stash, another quote.

I added the BD sentiment and a book page gessoed
and stamped, an embossed bird, painted gold, stamped
on a tissue, my pesky little friend jumped off his leaf
and told me he wished he could live in England, how
could I not make his wish come true so he went in the
box too..

The other side with some Chinese pics  from a tea bag
, an another quote. 

I made the ribbon from my rusted material I tore
tiny strips, left the edges fringed and twine.
created a couple of tags one with her name.

One for friendship, and a special nest I've been saving
for someone special, that would be my magpie cousin
Miss Julie Ann.
I love making this, my fingers were making it with love
and a song in my heart, Happy birthday my friend...
Thanks so much for visiting and letting me share this.
Have a wonderful weekend..
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Posted by PicasaHello my Lovelies, I hope your hopping from
our fabulous host Julia, she kindly gather all artist,
around the world to show you there desk hope you
can join us for the best hop in blog land..
 My desk is at a stand still,
I had 2 days on the weekend to do a bit of crafting.
You can see 2  of my triptych, the one on the right
side are the square ones and my round ones on the
left side. On top of them is a cute set of Asian,
tweezers and emery board, they are so cute.
Those and the lovely cloth bag are from my DS
from England, She is leaving today, sadly..
I will be back to my desk tomorrow and maybe have
these finished soon.
Have a wonderful creative day and I'll be around to snoop
tomorrow, I'm off to water fit, see you soon..

Saturday, 21 September 2013


I'ts raining, and it's calling to me but no time to sit out in it.
WOW I have been visiting almost all of you wonderful Ladies.
I have been sooooooo inspired, you can see sneak peaks of what
I have been seeing on my side-bar, it was amazing visiting, to see
all the OUTSTANDING work you have been doing, it has rocked
my world. My desk has been calling to me forever :), I'm there :O)..
This is just a little taste of what I'm starting, triptychs, I need one
more to fill my shelf. I thought a round one might be interesting in the mix. I have seen some GORGEOUS vintage things in my travels.
I didn't think I had any vintage stamps, but I found one my DS Sandy gave me years ago. I stamped it a few times and thought
they might have to be square not sure yet.

Now how darn cute are these coasters, my friend Jan
picked me up a STACK of coasters in Amsterdam, these
ones with the gnomes are too much, I hate to cover them,
I have more so its okay:).. 

This is the stamp, you'll have to click on it to see
it better, this gray paper is very delicate, it's from packaging.
I used worn lipstick, peeled paint and tea dye.

Here I stamped on my last piece of the rust paper towel.
I'm not sure which ones I'll use yet..
This is just the beginning, I have a couple of other things,
I'll show that later.
I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all you fabulous
artist, you know how you are :)..

This is one of the things Sandy brought from England for me.
She spoiled me..
These are for your nails imagine that, I will be trying these out
in my art, not sure how but I love all that shine, makes
my Magpie eyes sparkle hehehehe.
Thanks for visiting, sorry about the chattiness but you know me.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I know I will..
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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hello my lovelies, dropped in from Miss Julia here,
she is a grand Lady and host the best way to spend
some inspiring time, grab a cuppa and enjoy.. I will..

I was lucky enough to win some fabulous goodies
from Miss Bibiana here from her week long
anniversary party, she made me a lovely bird card,

Some Kool Halloween rub on's..

Now this lovely stamp set, which I will be playing
with to make my Christmas cards, well I have an idea
and will play around with them and hopefully it will work.
Can you guess what I will do with the set???? :O).

This is who I have been partying with my DS Sandy.
My friend Jan, who lives just down the street from me,
has kindly let her and her mate stay at her house and
they have taken for them to her cottage near Wasaga
Beach,  here, beautiful  place to visit,
so I'll have a couple of days to visit all and see
what everyone has been up to, I have really missed that,
my desk keeps calling me, probably won't get there until
the weekend, thanks for stopping by, I hope to have some
art stuff to share soon.
Have a wonderful creative day or fun visiting around the world.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WOYWW *********

Well actually my desk has nothing going on,
imagine that hehehe :)...
It' actually Sat., on Wed I'll be visiting with my
baby sis, she came all the way from across the pond.
Between, water- fit in the morning then the rest of
the time I'll be spending every minute with Sandy.
So not likely I'll be creating  anything.
I scheduled this for today, I' just couldn't miss
the BEST BLOG HOP in the world Here,
have a look see if you want any inspiration,
it's all because our fabulous Julie gets us all together
Grab a cuppa and enjoy...
I had to share this fantasy butterfly I created.
It is 2 die cuts,  if you swing them side ways they
are some kind of flowers.
My very generous  BBF made a batch of them
at our play day, My friend Sheila joined them like this
 and said wouldn't they make beautiful wings, brilliant.
Here is my attempt at it.
Glued them to my salt inked paper, I searched through
all my stash and this is what I liked the best, one of
my tyvek beads for the body, need to give him some eyes
and a little definition, then done :O).

I have already added it to my BD tag, I'll have to show
you that after it gets received in the post.
I don't know how many desk I can visit, but if you flew
by then I'll fly by too, when I have quick min.
Thanks so much for visiting, have a wonderful creative
day or a good snoop day, Happy WOYWW..
Wings together, head bowed  ^-^ ,

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Monday, 9 September 2013



Just a few more of Tonniece's lovely die cuts,
I can't wait to use them, they are all gorgeous.
You don't have to comment just had to share them.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful creative day.
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Saturday, 7 September 2013


Thought I would share just a few of the die cuts
that Tonniece made for us on our play day.
She was cranking them out for us and these are
just a few of them, I'll post a more later.

This might not be to exciting to most people but I
love them, since I can't make them myself I'm
blessed to have a wonderful friend to supply me
with them.

These four all fold back on themselves  and
look gorgeous when done, I'll do that when I add
them to my projects.

Look at this gate it's stunning, but she only did one
cause it was a nightmare trying to get it off the die cut.
I adore it...

Now theses are actually side ways and are suppose
to be flowers, but my lovely friend Sheila said look
how beautiful the would be as butterfly wings,
stunning right :O) so that is what I have done.
made them into a butterfly and used them on a project.
I will share that with you soon.
Thanks for visiting and hanging around to see my
 goodies I got, I am blessed.
Oh and by the way my DS from England is coming for a
visit for 2 weeks, I'm so darn excited only 2 more
sleeps and she will be here hoot hoot!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful creative weekend.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013


How to TRY to fix a mistake LOL..
Still working on my tag, this was going to be the
last piece I need to cover it. I went through all
my papers and couldn't find anything to match,
so I got out my inks, I used, well a lot of ink,
ecoline, rainbow ink, wasn't crazy about it,
so had to get my Timmy's to tone down the oranges
color, lots of flicking with water,
 okay now I liked it and wanted to add some gold.

I crinkled it up then took a skewer dipped it in
liquid gold leaf, ran it over the top with the stick.
Now I usually iron it on a craft mat on the back,
I sprayed with water the ironed it, took it off.

Yiiiiiikes, what the heck happen, lost all that lovely
color almost all the gold, now what do I do..

Added some more Tim's broken china.

More Tim, shabby shutters, it's okay for now
I will be doing other things on top,
 hope it works out..
Thats the craziness that goes on in my nest at
my desk, LOL,,,
Thanks for visiting, wishing you a wonderful creative day.
I'm still flying around to see all the desk I can..
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