Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WOYWW *********

Well actually my desk has nothing going on,
imagine that hehehe :)...
It' actually Sat., on Wed I'll be visiting with my
baby sis, she came all the way from across the pond.
Between, water- fit in the morning then the rest of
the time I'll be spending every minute with Sandy.
So not likely I'll be creating  anything.
I scheduled this for today, I' just couldn't miss
the BEST BLOG HOP in the world Here,
have a look see if you want any inspiration,
it's all because our fabulous Julie gets us all together
Grab a cuppa and enjoy...
I had to share this fantasy butterfly I created.
It is 2 die cuts,  if you swing them side ways they
are some kind of flowers.
My very generous  BBF made a batch of them
at our play day, My friend Sheila joined them like this
 and said wouldn't they make beautiful wings, brilliant.
Here is my attempt at it.
Glued them to my salt inked paper, I searched through
all my stash and this is what I liked the best, one of
my tyvek beads for the body, need to give him some eyes
and a little definition, then done :O).

I have already added it to my BD tag, I'll have to show
you that after it gets received in the post.
I don't know how many desk I can visit, but if you flew
by then I'll fly by too, when I have quick min.
Thanks so much for visiting, have a wonderful creative
day or a good snoop day, Happy WOYWW..
Wings together, head bowed  ^-^ ,

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Francesca said...

Your butterfly has come out beautifully, just from a little flower die. Great stuff. Francesca #47

Julia Aston said...

Wow Diane! love this butterfly with that great wrapped body and the pretty die cut wings! super colors on this! hope you are having a blast with your sister!

Julia Dunnit said...

I hope you and Sandy are having a marvellous visit. I'm looking forward to the same experience next month, trying to be patient!

Dianne said...

A beautiful butterfly.


kattera22 said...

Happy WOYWW! your butterfly is pretty
-tera #3

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BUTTERFLY! Enjoy your time with your sister!

Debs Willis said...

What a lovely butterfly - great movement in those wings
Enjoy your sisters visit!
Happy woyww
debs #108

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh that butterfly is so beautiful. I love the idea of the Tyvek body - just so inspired! I am so delighted you stopped by earlier; I didn't think you'd have time with your sis being over. I do hope you both have a wonderful time together! I shall think of you chattering away together and doing lots and lots of catching up! See you soon, I hope! Julie Ann, your affectionate, Magpie Cousin -#42 xx

Lea.H said...

Thats really pretty Lx

StampinCarol said...

Gorgeous! And have a fabulous time with your sis! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #98

sandysewin said...

Lovely butterfly! Have a great time with your sister. :-)

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #8

earthenmagic said...


GrĂ¡inne said...

Oh so beautiful, I love it.The colors are gorgeous and I like the delicate die cut very much, as well as the butterflie's body. Very well done. Have a great week, Suzanne

Anita Houston said...

What a butterfly! Love the wire body, and the wings are colored perfectly!

butterfly said...

Just delicious, Dianne - so creative to use the die-cuts to create a butterfly, and I love the salty background... Your handmade bead is the perfect body!
Alison x

Elena F said...

Yes: WOYWW *********, this is fantastic----. Elena F.

Meihsia Liu said...

Wow... Dianne, the butterfly is gorgeous! Love it! :)

Monika/Buzsy said...

Beautiful! Love the delicate over lay... have fun with your sister!

Diane said...

Gorgeous butterfly...have a great time with your sis...kind of fun to take a break now and then isn't it??

cyndee starr said...

Sisters are the best friends. Enjoy your time together.

trisha too said...

What a beautiful butterfly--that tag is bound to be lovely!

Dianne, when you get the chance, could you e-mail me your addy for the ATCs Around the World--I thought you sent it to me, but I can't find it!

My e-mail is
trisha2too at hotmail dot com

Also, there is a gallery of available atcs up, if you'd like to choose a specific one:

Thank you again, and have a wonderful time visiting with your sis!


Stamping With Bibiana said...

beautiful butterfly, the die cuts that you got are awesome and you used them so well in this one

Pat Langley said...

I love your butterfly. I am anxious to see what you are going to do with your new swirly stamps for Christmas also. Another butterfly???

Victoria said...

Yay..such a fantastic is truly mega-powerful and magnificent!! Yay..sound like wonderful time with your sis..nothing like sister-time! yes , i agree woyww is a fabulous event..i have't played in ages! sory for the funny typing..puppy on my lap..only one hand!!
thanks for sharing your creative magic!!