Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Hell my lovelies, I ran out of my gesso, only having used it
sparingly :).  This is a money saving recipe..
I made the last batch but found it a little to runny so I
started out with the same recipe
1 part white paint,
1 part talc powder,
half part liqued glue,
Just kept adding a bit at a time and stopped when I like the consistency.. To paint over something and still see some of
the images..

Now I wanted some a little thicker more like a paste
I then added Backing soda, this seemed okay to me :)
even though I really haven't seen what it looks like, well
in videos, not with my magpie eyes ^-^.
 You can decide how much to add your self.

I tried to take the pic, so you could see all the
ingredients, but it was falling as you can see :O),
 then splat made a mess, but that's okay..

I didn't want to waste what was on my tiny whip,
I whacked it to let drops land on a paper, which I
have been putting the gold ink I was using,
 by rubbing my paint brush on the paper.
I ran a plastic card through the dots,  slashes going
the opposite way, I'll put this lovely piece in with
my stash to use another day....
 I hope this help, any question
let me know,THANKS for stopping by.
Hope you have a wonderful creative day..
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Sue Lelli said...

Okay Michaels and 40% Is more up my alley! But my hat's off to you for being so CLEVER!

Love crafts forever said...

Very nice tip. Thank you for sharing, i would like to try making one day this.
Hugs Nataliya

earthenmagic said...

...bonza! ~ thank yoU! ~ for sharing! ~ blessed be! ~ dear gentle kindred!...(O:
...(so awesome of thee to join the hooters group! ~ i doth look forward to seeing some of thine wonderful photos posted onto the timeline!)...
...oooooh: if thee needs the how to do ~ let me know and i'll show thee ~ the way!...(O:

Julie Ann Lee said...

I must try this! I need some gesso! Thanks so much, Dianne! Julie Ann x #32

Tonniece said...

You did did again, good for you woman. I need to make some more too, soooooooon. LOl
Hugz Tonniece

Anonymous said...

How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing.

butterfly said...

You are so inventive - what a fabulous experiment to make your own gesso - and I love your "whacked, whipped" tag background - so cool!
Alison x

Kate said...

Love your creativeness. Looks like a great recipe. I am going to eventually give this a try when my gesso runs out. Thanks for the recipe!

Monika/Buzsy said...

I will be pinning this recipe! :)

Mimi Gagné said...

Bonsoir j'aimerais avoir la recette en quantités en tasse ou litre et les ingrédients !!! Colle .... Soda....peinture et poudre à bébé !!! Milles merci

Luana Therese Jarecki Lindop said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am on fixed income and been searching for a recipe that would work. You saved the day! This I can afford as I have all the stuff already. Again, Thank you.