Saturday, 7 September 2013


Thought I would share just a few of the die cuts
that Tonniece made for us on our play day.
She was cranking them out for us and these are
just a few of them, I'll post a more later.

This might not be to exciting to most people but I
love them, since I can't make them myself I'm
blessed to have a wonderful friend to supply me
with them.

These four all fold back on themselves  and
look gorgeous when done, I'll do that when I add
them to my projects.

Look at this gate it's stunning, but she only did one
cause it was a nightmare trying to get it off the die cut.
I adore it...

Now theses are actually side ways and are suppose
to be flowers, but my lovely friend Sheila said look
how beautiful the would be as butterfly wings,
stunning right :O) so that is what I have done.
made them into a butterfly and used them on a project.
I will share that with you soon.
Thanks for visiting and hanging around to see my
 goodies I got, I am blessed.
Oh and by the way my DS from England is coming for a
visit for 2 weeks, I'm so darn excited only 2 more
sleeps and she will be here hoot hoot!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful creative weekend.

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Lori Plyler said...

Oh my, how beautiful and delicate! You are indeed lucky to have such a sweet, talented friend.

~*~Patty S said...

Those look like splendid wings and lots of lovely pieces!!!

Tonniece if very kind and generous to share her dies...
a couple of friends in our local mixed media group sometimes bring in their machines and we get busy...
very generous of them too!

Happy September weekend to you and lovely to have your sister coming for a visit = woot woot ♥ Enjoy * Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it so generous of her.
I don't own a die cutting machine so always greatly appreciate when friends have sent die-cuts in the mail to me. Beautiful, crafting friends - where would we be without them.
Adore the gate and the wings, so delicate.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Julie Ann Lee said...

What lovely die-cuts. Those delicate ones are sooo difficult to tease off the die-cut. The gate is fabulous and those butterfly wings are beautiful, they would adorn a fairy too. I feel almost as excited as you about your sister coming from England. Hope you have a really, really lovely time together. Julie Ann xx

trisha too said...

What fun goodies, I know you will make something wonderful with them, Dianne!

Enjoy your visit, and thank you again for helping me with the ATCs Around The World project!


earthenmagic said...


Sue Lelli said...

Have bunches of FUN with your DS! LOVE the die cuts! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

butterfly said...

Lovely looking die-cuts... and I love that you've adopted those last ones as butterfly wings! Apparently, with those very fine dies, it helps if you add some wax paper to the sandwich, between the paper and the die (as I understand it), and that should help with getting the papers out... check it out somewhere online as I don't know the details!!
Alison xx

Rita Barakat said...

Ooooh the last one would be great as fairy wings!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have a die cutting machine and never get good intricate cuts! It must be user error!LOL thank you for always being your super sweet self! HUGS!