Thursday, 24 October 2013


Hello My lovely  great you stopped by..
Sorry I had to take the pics in the dark, I had
company all afternoon, no time for snooping either,
 I'll be doing that after swimming today.
I was inspired by Fiona at Jennings644 it's on my
side board, if you want to watch the how-to video.
She makes, well everything and lots of miniatures.
The purse above, I used a round piece of canvas,
some braided rope around, a clasp, and a pearl handle.

This one, I painted it bronze paint, then sewed a
little tiny velvet bag behind, a half circle of paper,
then the clasp, this is a clutch bag..

I made the clasp, added a tiny piece of gold ribbon,
added the chain..

Another clutch  bag, eeks you can see the hot glue,
wrapped a gold plastic beads around, and the clasp.

Wrapped plastic beads around, and the clasp.
I covered all the backs with.paper, you won't
see that but looks tidier :O)..

I lined it and the bottom with some silver cardboard,
added some chain...
I've got a few more to make, then I'm making a big
purse out of cardboard to hang the ones I like the best
inside. Honestly they are hard on my bad hands,
I really like them, but won't make anymore after, bead
work is really not my thing. They would look fabulous
with beads hanging off of them, not possible with my
hands, anywho,,,, thanks for visiting, hope you  have a
wonderful creative day..

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Hello my Lovelies, it's Wednesday, all ready for
the blog hop with our wonderful hostess Julia here
grab a cuppa and enjoy snooping around the world..
My desk top is full of all sorts of jewelry the photo
above is all old earrings.. 

Here is my bead kit, I had to go through it all

finding all the tiny crystals for the clasps.

Now with the earring and my beads I am making
tiny vintage purses, I have about 7 made now, I'm
still working on a few more and will show some
tomorrow, this is just a sneak peak, if your interested
you will have to come back and see them :O)..
I'm off to water fit and will snoop around  when I get back.
Thanks so much for visiting, hope you all have a wonderful day

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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Here is my beautiful ATC I received from Trisha
here, she is trying to send them to every country
around the world, how kool is that, love the back
with it in all the langues, that's ambitious.. 

She makes all kinds of wonderful projects not just ATCs
It's sitting on my swivel tray on my desk..

I am truly blessed, I received this gorgeous box from
Joann Larkin from
I very proud to say she is a Canadian card designer, she make
 fabulous 3D things and she guest designs for Paper
house, has been published and guest desings  for lot of other
company's, she is very talented and creative, I hope you get a
chance to visit Joann's blog, lots of inspiration there..

She left it blank, I certainly won't be giving it away,
it's nestled in there nicely :O)..

Joann also made the beautiful box it came in
with some sparkly ribbon and lovely rose..

I'm sure she stamped on some paper with writing.
I have a few sheets so I will have to try this, it's
Thanks for visiting my nest full of LOVE ^-^..
I have been trying to visit around to you lovelies,
I got my email down to 150, do you think I'll ever
get caught up shesh, you Ladies are just banging out
some fabulous creations, certainly inspiring me, thanks.
Hope you all have a wonderful, creative  week..

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Thursday, 17 October 2013


Made 4 tags, more cut pieces of the Kleenex boxes, podged tissue to the
back, edged them with worn lipstick.

Stamped a quote on top of the tissue..

I punched them and trying to keep them flat, I just glued the ribbon crossed,
I edged the ribbon with the ink too..

For the top part I used the second Kleenex box, I love this one, the color,
the hands, beautiful.. I cut the pieces to fit, then  taped them on top..
The out side opened....

The inside opened....
One more post below to see it finished....
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Sorry to have done this in 5 post, I had a lot to
explain all my steps for this odd card, I had so
 much pleasure making it and I loved how it turned
out, I also have a couple of templates to make more,
I promise just to post them when they are done :O).

I thought it needed a ribbon to hold it closed,
glued another cut out on the ribbon, the flowers,
 I gessoed and water colored them a while back,
they went perfectly for this

More flowers on the back and the cancer foundation sign
for supporting it...

The outside opened...

The inside opened, a close up of the outside below..

I really appreciate it if you have been visiting so much
 for just one project...
Hope you have a wonderful creative week..
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hello my lovelies, it's Wednesday, it came so fast shesh,
our wonderful Julia here is hosting again for use desker's
to have a look around, grab a cuppa and enjoy 

A lovely woman from swimming gave me 2 pairs of earrings
to craft with so I decided to make a broach for her and I
decorated the box too..

I used an older Sarah Coventry broach, cut some
of the leaves off to fit the earring,..

The box...

I'm make a lot more dresses so needed  to cut some

Here they are ready to dress..
Thanks for stopping, I'm off to water fit and will
snoop around when I get home...
Have a wonderful creative day..
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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Hello my lovelies, well I'm so happy, excited,
honored, and blessed, sorry I'm not very observant.
I now have 58 followers, last time I noticed I had
reached 50, I started blogging again so I could SHARE.
I missed the blogging community a lot. When I ran
the art group I used to be on line, when I got up, till I
went to bed, chatting to all the woman and a bit
 of crafting in the mix .
I love to helping, teach others anything :) I spent my
working life doing just that, with some cooking in the mix..
Since I've  been back, you Ladies have made my life
 wonderful, visiting all of you, seeing all the amazing
art in whatever medium makes me so excited, my wings are
always flapping around hehehehe, any who,
I want to welcome the new Ladies, I'll be visiting to see
May, Peg, Feathers, love that name, Suzanne, Glenda, and
Sonia, welcome, welcome, welcome...
 Enough of my chattering on to my project..

The first pic above is, flattened beautiful Kleenex boxes,
 yes I keepthem, I was lucky enough to have saved
 Scotties boxes theymade for Breast Cancer Month,
 these were going to be perfect,
to use in my project, so a big shout out to Scotties.. :O)..

This is the first box cut up with what I'm going to use,
a bit of tissue paper....

I made some corner pockets for the tags,
its a frosted pink acetate with pink marbling.

I glued a few of the cut outs, since this fold up,
I have to make it pretty flat, I have used the english
and french ,Canada is bilingual also Miss Bibiana blogs
in 3 languages, she has inspired me to make this ... 

A couple of close ups, I Believe I had help at my
desk while making this, it was fun..
Thanks for visiting and listening to me natter on,
you know us Magpies ^-^..
Hope you all have a wonderful creative day..
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Monday, 14 October 2013


My lovely friend Bibiana has made a gorgeous card
 for Cancer and has inspired me to make, well something,
to honor  it this month,,
I got a piece of junk mail from Bell and thought how kool is
this shape so I decided to use this instead of making a card :).
Thank goodness I bought lots of tape, 2 large rolls, I'll need it..

I cut up 8 pieces from my time cards to put on top.
Since it folded up I thought it would be to thick to fold.
Now I have a 2 templates to make more..

Since I'm not a pink kinda girl, I had to search through
all my stash and found a few pink things, cut the paper
to fit all 8 sides, I'm edging every thing in worn lipstick.
As you see, me a straight lines, not good, but I will be
covering over it with something :)..
The one above is the inside..

This is the out side, so front and back, is this confusing yet,
it was for me LOL, the small pieces I have clipped are going
on top of the square, I sorry I have to do this in a few post.
I have 8 sides to decorate so lots of pics to show the process,
Part 2 in the post below..
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