Thursday, 17 October 2013


Sorry to have done this in 5 post, I had a lot to
explain all my steps for this odd card, I had so
 much pleasure making it and I loved how it turned
out, I also have a couple of templates to make more,
I promise just to post them when they are done :O).

I thought it needed a ribbon to hold it closed,
glued another cut out on the ribbon, the flowers,
 I gessoed and water colored them a while back,
they went perfectly for this

More flowers on the back and the cancer foundation sign
for supporting it...

The outside opened...

The inside opened, a close up of the outside below..

I really appreciate it if you have been visiting so much
 for just one project...
Hope you have a wonderful creative week..
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Dianne, this is terrific! I love how the whole thing opens out with little sections and lots to see and I am so loving the way you played with the pink ribbon idea. So much work, thought and detail has gone into the project and all for a really worthy cause! I am so proud to be your Magpie Cousin! Julie Ann xxx:)

Redanne said...

It really is the most beautiful creation Dianne, like Julie Ann says, you have put so much work, thought and detail into the project and it really shines through. Wonderful! Hugs, Anne x

Anonymous said...

very pretty shows your talent you have

Monika/Buzsy said...

This is so pretty Dianne and so thoughtful!

Victoria said...

Such a wonderful tribute my friend..beautiful meaningful and special!! Shine on!!Love all of the hearts too!

Sue Lelli said...

Dianne, so many WONDERFUL details! My head is spinning! Such a great tribute!

butterfly said...

Recycling in a brilliant cause, Dianne, and so much fabulous creativity in every detail - a wonderful make.
Alison xx

Anneke said...

Lovely project!