Friday, 4 October 2013


Hello my Lovely's I wanted to share a beautiful
fall walk I went on with my DS Sue and my friends
Tonnience and Sheila. It's called this but I named it
black walnut alley, you see why :O)..

A big old knotty tree home for a few bird families. 

It runs along the grand river in Caledonia
         , the river is muddy
                 People fish at the dam and they even have a dinner
                 cruise you can go on, which stops at a Native shop..

As we walked all we could hear is thump, thump,
thump, we had to watch the falling walnuts didn't
hit us on the head, you can see a few up close.

These trees were all along the path bombarding us.. 

Sue went to see if she could find some Fairies in
there, we thought we could see something shiny:).
Part 2 next post...
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Lynda Bergman Decorative Artisan said...

Such a beautiful, peaceful place. Thanks for sharing! Lynda

Sue Lelli said...

I am enjoying the walk!

MagsB said...

What a wonderful place!

love Mags B x

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, so glad I found this Dianne. The first time I tried I was told, 'The blog post you are looking for does not exist!': now I think that must have been naughty elves! I'll get Rayne to check up on them! Off to the next post now! Julie Ann xx

Meihsia Liu said...

Love the beautiful autumn scenes, Dianne. I can feel the fresh air and the falling leaves on your pretty photos. Thank you for sharing. ,:)

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely lovely stroll with you fairie magnets
Black Walnut magnets too = oops!

I used to fill a bucket with them and cover with water and let them sit and 'stew'...
they made the most wonderful basket reed dye altho it was a bit smelly when you heated them to cook out the walnut colors especially when it was done indoors (phewee)

thank you for sharing this nature beauty break ♥

Tonniece said...

Great trail and walk that day. Hugz Tonni