Thursday, 17 October 2013


Made 4 tags, more cut pieces of the Kleenex boxes, podged tissue to the
back, edged them with worn lipstick.

Stamped a quote on top of the tissue..

I punched them and trying to keep them flat, I just glued the ribbon crossed,
I edged the ribbon with the ink too..

For the top part I used the second Kleenex box, I love this one, the color,
the hands, beautiful.. I cut the pieces to fit, then  taped them on top..
The out side opened....

The inside opened....
One more post below to see it finished....
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Blogger dashboard just sent me this, so I've looked in the wrong order! I saw the finished project first. Never mind, I think it's even more wonderful now! Well done, dear Magpie! Spectacular and inspirational! Julie Ann xx

Anonymous said...

very beautiful di more and more each post is amazing than the last you go girl

Anonymous said...

You really have such a big and warm heart to create such a wonderful and meaningful project.
Have a wonderful weekend you lovely, lovely woman.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Recycling and WOYWWING and breast cancer awareness awesomeness! I don't even know if I have words to adequately express how fun it has been catching up with the last few posts you've done, Dianne! You are one genius artist, that's for sure!! Bless you for your creations and Happy Belated WOYWW! Thank you, as ever, for coming by to visit me! Hugs, Darnell #57

Victoria said...

So gorgeous and fun..and very creative way to use the kleenex boxes..fabulous!! Enjoying all of the lovely pinks!!

Patrice said...

Hello Dianne,
Such a significant project and so wonderfull done... GREAT!!!
Greets Patrice

Sue Lelli said...

I will never look at Kleenex boxes the same! FABULOUS tags, front and back! LOVE seeing your process!

Candy C said...! What a very cool project with such a wonderful purpose! Breast cancer is such a personal thing. What a lively way to bring it to the forefront. I love how you COMPLETELY transferred a Kleenex box. Just amazing!
I wanted to thank you too for stopping by my blog and leaving such uplifting comments. I love your enthusiasm!! Makes me feel so good! Candy

smarcoux said...

great job once again sis .. nice work...

Hettie said...

Well done you for recycling for such a good cause. Scanned back to look at the previous posts.
Great project.