Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Hello my lovelies, well I'm so happy, excited,
honored, and blessed, sorry I'm not very observant.
I now have 58 followers, last time I noticed I had
reached 50, I started blogging again so I could SHARE.
I missed the blogging community a lot. When I ran
the art group I used to be on line, when I got up, till I
went to bed, chatting to all the woman and a bit
 of crafting in the mix .
I love to helping, teach others anything :) I spent my
working life doing just that, with some cooking in the mix..
Since I've  been back, you Ladies have made my life
 wonderful, visiting all of you, seeing all the amazing
art in whatever medium makes me so excited, my wings are
always flapping around hehehehe, any who,
I want to welcome the new Ladies, I'll be visiting to see
May, Peg, Feathers, love that name, Suzanne, Glenda, and
Sonia, welcome, welcome, welcome...
 Enough of my chattering on to my project..

The first pic above is, flattened beautiful Kleenex boxes,
 yes I keepthem, I was lucky enough to have saved
 Scotties boxes theymade for Breast Cancer Month,
 these were going to be perfect,
to use in my project, so a big shout out to Scotties.. :O)..

This is the first box cut up with what I'm going to use,
a bit of tissue paper....

I made some corner pockets for the tags,
its a frosted pink acetate with pink marbling.

I glued a few of the cut outs, since this fold up,
I have to make it pretty flat, I have used the english
and french ,Canada is bilingual also Miss Bibiana blogs
in 3 languages, she has inspired me to make this ... 

A couple of close ups, I Believe I had help at my
desk while making this, it was fun..
Thanks for visiting and listening to me natter on,
you know us Magpies ^-^..
Hope you all have a wonderful creative day..
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Julia Aston said...

what an interesting project and creative use of kleenex boxes!

iris said...

je suis contente pour toi
de bien jolis créations en papier
j'aime beaucoup la découpe des
sur le billet précédent c'est
un paravent ?????
j'i fait un billet mais ma newsletter n'est pas partie
j'en suis complètement désolée
car , c'était un billet pour le cancer du sein
et je regrette qu'il ne soit pas lu
edith (iris)

Redanne said...

It is always a pleasure to visit you and see what you are up to. I love that you saved the tissue/kleenex boxes and for such a worthy cause! It won't be long til you reach 100 followers, I am sure. Hugs, Anne x

Stamping With Bibiana said...

hi my dear friend...so glad to see your projects///always so resourceful..
hugs bibiana

butterfly said...

See, and you've even got wonderful details tucked down right inside the pockets too...
Alison xx