Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, hopping by for a wee snoop, we'll
be thanking our special Miss Julia @ for that pleasure.
Mine is short and sweet again, I took this pic on Sun.
It's late Wed evening and it still looks like this....
My tag's I'm working on, stamped the linen with my image
and a tiny surprise stamp, edged all 48 of them, cut out
the file folders, not sure If I like them, so I might look for
something else to use, added some podge with crystal
glitter, I 'm going to stamp the sentiment on my rusted material.
I'm even going to dust off my sewing machine, yes I said my
 sewing machine LOL and sew them together.
I have been out, had lots of company so that's why it still looks the
same, I HAVE to finish the ones going over the pond, hopefully
they will arrive on time..
I'm off to water fit, and it will probably take me till the weekend
to visit everyone, I promise to visit any how drop in my nest..
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative week..
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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies stop in to show a pair of earrings
a Lady from water fit had, they were for pierced earring
and asked if I could make then into clip ons..
I said I didn't think so but I would try..

I had a pair I thought would match and would try it.
The kind of went with Betty Boop..

Then I remember I had that material pink and silver.
Then they would be perfect, so I cover them with it..

Here they are done, I love how they turned out, but it was
so hard on my hands, I will tell them, no more jewelry work
for me, I'm just not good with tool :O)...
Thanks for visiting, I have to go to my friend funeral
today, so will be back when I can..
I hope you all have a wonderful creative day..
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Friday, 22 November 2013


Hello my lovelies, just a few quick cards I made for
the Ladies at water fit, I can give them out at the party.
My DS Sandy gave me some blank embossed cards,
They were perfect for the base of any card, thanks Sandy.
I used some cotton candy gelato to give it a bit of depth.
I just applied it with my finger and rubbed over the
raised parts  lightly..

The Christmas music sheets,I showed Wed.
 I also stamped a deer twice, kind of a reindeer,
with broken twig and edged it with it, added some
glue and crystal sparkle, it's everywhere now, it was
making me all googly eyed :O)..

Tore some old book pages in strips, gessoed them lightly,
stamped my greeting on top, edged them with broken twig..

These little squares were attached to some small clothes pegs.
to hang cards, I took them off, sanded the edges, inked them
with broken twig, can you tell it's one of my favorites :)...

All put together, easy peasy, a close up below...

Thanks so much for visiting my nest, I wish you all a
wonderful creative weekend....
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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, our lovely Julia HERE the hostess
with the mostess host our snooper oops Deskers day.
Grab a cuppa and have a look around see what on all
the desk tops..
What's on mine lots..
I have to make a few quick Christmas cards , for
the Ladies at water fit, thankfully my DS gave me some
card that were embossed so just going to add a bit to them,
some Christmas music torn sheets and  a few stamped tree.
I'm just starting these not sure what else I'll do... 

A sweet little Asian Lady from water fit brought me
a small long narrow plastic bag with these small pieces
of Japanese silks, I ironed them and look how gorgeous
they are, they came from Japan, I was so excited, I am
going to make a dress, maybe a kimono with them :O) ,
 see the shibori @ pieces on top, I looooove them...

A knock on my door and there was the wonderful
UPS fellow, bringing me my prize I won from the
Lovely Meihsia @
She is a wonderful designer for Faber Castell.
I did a happy dance flying around WHOOT, WHOOT.
Look at all the goodies, I am blessed.
10 gelatos, with a stamp a wonderful book with different
paper, all the tools for the gelato's some beautiful water
color pencils a fabulous book to make with small canvas
pages and YES a stampers big white pen ooww I have been
wanting one of those...
That's it for today, thanks so much for visiting my nest,
hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be flying
 around to visiting after water fit..

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Hello my lovelies almost forgot to post this, a lovely
Lady from water fit lost her mother  in Sept, she showed
me the card from the funeral home so I asked if I could
keep it and make something with it, so this is what I came
up with..
I colored the canvas with my gelato's first time using them
I colored it then spritz it with water, then inked some sequine

I podged the photo under the doilies  cut it a bit to fit.
the heart theme  is beginning :)..  

Here it is finished..

Red and blue were her favorite colors so that's why these colors.
I folded some torn paper to form a fan inked the blue with red
and red with blue, added some flowers I made,  a blue heart
 that was a  earring, the triangle with the flower also an earring..

Her Mom was a woman of strong faith, and loved her family
a lot so I went with Love, Mom, and crosses one made of hearts,
hearts everywhere. My friend loved it, I was going to hang it
but she want to get a shadow box for it, and that's it..
I did enjoy creating it for her and was glad she liked it..
Thanks so much for visiting my nest and I hope you all have
a wonderful creative week.
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Sunday, 17 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, a quick post to show the envelope
for the retirement card, I dug out my script stamps to
make the name and the red Mom is a tease from my
scrap page which is done, I'll post that soon.. 

I used an old envelope , I should have sanded it
I used scrunched white tissue glued on top, and a
napkin with a lily of the valley. inked it with tea stain

Same on the back..
 I cut it to size and I scored it in half of circle
to make room in for the bulkiness of the card.
Now I can get on with my tags and gifts but for
now I'll be flying around to visit and get my inspiration fix...
Hope you have a wonderful creative day..
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Saturday, 16 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, had to take a break on the CT.
Dec.11th we will be having a CP at Water fit, one
of the Ladies that works there is retiring, they were
collecting money for her and I offered to make her
a special card they could all sign..
I made it extra large for all the signatures, 10"x 5".
I inked it up with mowed lawn, water drops, and some
sepia dropped on top, stamped it with my favorite vines
in pine needle ink..

Stamped  with my memories stamp in black memento,
edged it with broken twig..

I used black thick paper to make the card, and
added some lovely fine corrugated behind it, and a
friends sign..

Here it is done, I was going to cut the large envelope,
but made another one, will post it tomorrow..

Sorry fuzzy pic, one embellishment, I made a nest with
some rusted threads I kept, with the tiny ribbon behind, I also
ran a strip down the right side, it was a little crooked, tried
to hide it LOL.. 

A flower with 3 crotchet pieces, more rusted thread
and an old button..
I'm also working on a scrap page for a Lady at water fit
who's Mom passed away, she gave me a photo of her.
I'm almost done..
Back to my Christmas tags, I was edging them with tea
dye ink, and thought I should just give them all a tea bath.
I had just finished when my DS Sandy commented on my
post that I should tea dye them, funny we had the same
thought at the same time, isn't life funny like that..
I will post the envelope I made tomorrow..
Thanks so much for visiting my nest, I hope you all have
a wonderful weekend..
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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, I'm back for the best day of the
week WOYWW, all thanks to our fabulous Hostess
 Miss Julia, she's been up to all sorts HERE
 is where you can see what that all about..
As for me hhhmmm short and sweet, I'll try :).
The ONE and ONLY pic is some of that Christmas stuff.
I cut up around 45 squares, I think it linen,
it's biege, looks white here
Adorn , Miss Lynne does some gorgeous stamping
on material,  I looooove that look, so I'm going to
TRY to do that, then put them on a tag..
It's going to be fun making a tag instead of a card..
Not sure how or with what, that's still in the creative
process LOL..
After I ripped out the squares, I fringed them all, see
alllll the thread, took my a few hrs..
I found 2 C stamps and tried some stamping.
I think it will be the fairy, yes love a fantasy
anything hahahah..
Maybe vintage, inspired by all the wonderful
Ladies I visit, you know who you are ^-^..
I make mine, like a production line, I make a few
so find it much easier this way
Thanks so much for visiting, now grab a cuppa,
and have a wee snoop around the world, I'll
be doing that after water fit..
Hope you have a wonderful day...

Friday, 8 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies finally finished the purse.
It's been a busy week putting my nest back together.
Above are a few photos of my process, I took
way too may :) for one post.
I used grey water color to paint the gessoed wallpaper.
It is tree bark, too kool, I added holes on the side to hold
the handle for it..
 I decided to make a faerie shop for
 the tiny purses in a tree hehehe.
The photo on the top right is how I braced the  piece
that hold them. The next photo, I painted tiny clothes
pegs with bronze nail polish to hold the purses.

Now they are all attached ready to slide inside..

I used 3 different kinds of twine to make the strap.

I also added some cardboard cover and painted
wallpaper to finish the bottom off...

I added the other half of the lace I cut off for the
inside now it matches it.
I had a lovely piece of wood for a perfect tiny door.
Do like the fancy door handle, Suzanne from Messy Jessie
had one like it on a door for this months calender, her is
STUNNING,  have a look, if you like HERE
Her calender on my desktop inspires me everyday..

A peak at the inside.....

Now I HAVE to start yes I'm saying it my Christmas
cards and gifts, I know some of you's have already
started, I'm always late :O)..
Oh and a lovely Lady from swimming gave me some
of her Mothers old jewelry, then asked if I could make
her a pair of earrings, yikes a jewelry maker I not..
I did manage to make a pair, from a piece of a bracelet
and a piece of broach. I warned her they might not be to
strong so maybe she could leave them in the box for
some treasured memories, she did say she loved them.
thanks goodness for that LOL... ( forgot to take pics AGAIN)
I will be around to visit as many of you as I can before
I start you know what :)..
Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you all have a
wonderful creative week..
NAMASTE !!!!   
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Sunday, 3 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, it's been a week since I posted.
I made a little pathway to my table, (air conditioner,
is coming out tomorrow) I wanted to get my tiny
purses in something. The original cardboard I was
going to use was too small. I thought I could fit it in
this box and it can slide out, I'm building it, so not
sure how it will finish..
I will show what I have got so far..
The photo above is the box and wallpaper I'm covering it

It's thin cardboard so I had to let each side dry
after I glued it on,
with weight on it so it wouldn't buckle. The
wall paper is textured with a smooth finish.
Washable kind it's old..
I have gessoed it to be able to age it up or
something, not sure yet..

This was the original piece with the handle.
First I added some thin padding then cover it
with grey lining, the inside lid is a piece I cut
from a cotton runner..

I foiled taped the top and the handle, I used
the sticky ribbon my DS brought, and if you
look close you can see the iridescent ribbon on
there too..

More of the wallpaper to finish off the back..

From the same table runner I cut off the trim
glued it down...
Now to figure out how to hang the tiny purses
on the panel, how to brace it in the box and
a strap to hang the box, I think, still working on
the plan..
My other Sister is purging, and she has given me 4
boxes of goodies, I have that all put away, then on
Tues I can put the rest of my room back together....
I will post it when the purse is done,soon I hope...
Thanks for visiting my cluttered, full nest..
Hope you have a wonderful creative week....

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