Sunday, 3 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, it's been a week since I posted.
I made a little pathway to my table, (air conditioner,
is coming out tomorrow) I wanted to get my tiny
purses in something. The original cardboard I was
going to use was too small. I thought I could fit it in
this box and it can slide out, I'm building it, so not
sure how it will finish..
I will show what I have got so far..
The photo above is the box and wallpaper I'm covering it

It's thin cardboard so I had to let each side dry
after I glued it on,
with weight on it so it wouldn't buckle. The
wall paper is textured with a smooth finish.
Washable kind it's old..
I have gessoed it to be able to age it up or
something, not sure yet..

This was the original piece with the handle.
First I added some thin padding then cover it
with grey lining, the inside lid is a piece I cut
from a cotton runner..

I foiled taped the top and the handle, I used
the sticky ribbon my DS brought, and if you
look close you can see the iridescent ribbon on
there too..

More of the wallpaper to finish off the back..

From the same table runner I cut off the trim
glued it down...
Now to figure out how to hang the tiny purses
on the panel, how to brace it in the box and
a strap to hang the box, I think, still working on
the plan..
My other Sister is purging, and she has given me 4
boxes of goodies, I have that all put away, then on
Tues I can put the rest of my room back together....
I will post it when the purse is done,soon I hope...
Thanks for visiting my cluttered, full nest..
Hope you have a wonderful creative week....

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Gio said...

I'm curious about how it would look like at the end your purse holder! The start is good...

Tonniece said...

Looking great so far Di. Can't wait to see it done and all those beautiful Mini purses in place.
Hugz T.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Thanks for sharing your work-in-progress, Dianne! It's fascinating to watch the transformation!! Good luck with the a/c removal today! Hugs, Darnell

butterfly said...

Looking good already - so many interesting textures... looking forward to seeing where this goes!
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Such an astonishing idea and already I love the texture you have created.
You do know we all eagerly await the completed project reveal, so please, I urge you .... hurry up!


smarcoux said...

omg do you know how much that lace costs LOL ... looking good so far..

May said...

Looking great already...Can't wait to see it completed... Hugs May x x x

Anita Houston said...

Looks fabby so far! Can't wait to see the end result!

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE that wallpaper! This is going to be so Amazing for your tiny purses! I hope you are working on it and will post it soon! Can't wait to see the Gorgeous end result!

Monika/Buzsy said...

That wall paper was the perfect cover for this project. The textures is just wonderful. I have to say I really liked the original handle.