Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, hopping by for a wee snoop, we'll
be thanking our special Miss Julia @ for that pleasure.
Mine is short and sweet again, I took this pic on Sun.
It's late Wed evening and it still looks like this....
My tag's I'm working on, stamped the linen with my image
and a tiny surprise stamp, edged all 48 of them, cut out
the file folders, not sure If I like them, so I might look for
something else to use, added some podge with crystal
glitter, I 'm going to stamp the sentiment on my rusted material.
I'm even going to dust off my sewing machine, yes I said my
 sewing machine LOL and sew them together.
I have been out, had lots of company so that's why it still looks the
same, I HAVE to finish the ones going over the pond, hopefully
they will arrive on time..
I'm off to water fit, and it will probably take me till the weekend
to visit everyone, I promise to visit any how drop in my nest..
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative week..
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Victoria said...

Hello kindred...gorgeous..lovely blue colors..looking forward to what you create next! Happy WOYWW, playing along with you this week! Yay, enjoy the sewing adventure.sounds wonderfully creative as always!
Enjoy waterfit!

trisha too said...

Dianne, you're teasing a little--I was hoping to see the stamped linen all up close and personal! I'm sure your cards will be beautiful!

Happy WOYWW to you!
#13 this week
with another advent calendar!

Julie Lee said...

You are serious - you stamped 48??? Wow! Dianne, your poor wings must have been aching! You have to use the fabric after that! Your desk always looks so lovely and mysterious with a kind of Oriental charm to it! I have to get busy because I need to get some cards sent off to some very special people and some Magpie kin too! Thanks for your visit and the kind encouragement. You are one of my dear blogging friends who has inspired me so much. Julie Ann xx #55

ike said...

They look very interesting - I shall look forward to seeing them finished :-)
Thank you for the little snoop at your desk :-D

Happy WOYWW #234

IKE in Greece xx #57

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butterfly said...

Love the sound of your plan - good luck with putting it all into practice... I can't believe yet another Wednesday has passed me by and I still haven't made it back to play along!
Alison xx

Darnell said...

I love that sediment, Dianne! Have a Fairie Merry Christmas! How fun! And sewing, too? You are going all out and these will be stunning! Do be careful with your hands and don't overdo! Hugs, Darnell

Anonymous said...

Rusted fabric - oh how yummy and your sewing machine, oh I so dearly would love a sewing machine but I have no confidence in being able to operate one (school days were not my best experience with sewing machines!)
Have a beautiful week.

Julie Lee said...

I just had to pop my beak back round the door to your nest. Do nests have doors? Well, I hope yours does 'cos it sounds very chilly where you are!I wanted to say your lovely comment on my 'Dragon' post really moved me. Please, please, please don't worry about mistakes or grammar or anything like that! Your comments have such heart and that is what makes words live! It's lovely for us all to share art and stories together online and to enrich one another's lives so who worries about a few mistakes! I'm so glad we met and that you led me to the other fabulous artists in Blogland! Hurray for the Magpies! Do read 'The Snow Queen' if you can; I think you would love it! Julie Ann xxx

Julie Lee said...
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Terry said...

OK, so what are you up to??? I can 't wait to see! Thank you so much for your lovely comment not only on my blog, but about my DD! So sweet of you! BTW, I am Terry Ann on FB if you see me! Hugs to you!

Unknown said...

I would love to come to your house and take a snoop around your studio! I can't wait to see this finished project. I love that color of blue.

Ginny Maxam said...

Great Plan!! I can't wait to see th finished cards!!Have fun and a Wonderful week! Ginny #19

Diane said...

Your work desk sure looks cleaner then mine..looks interesting though, maybe next pictures will be finished projects...I have a ton to do myself...take care!!

Candy C said...

Hello Dianne! Your WOYWW post is quite intriguing and I must say, you're a bit of a tease! haha What I'm seeing so far looks like we're all in for a quite a treat when you post the finished project! Love the colors!

I wanted to take a second to sincerely THANK YOU for the very sweet comments you've left on my blog. You ALWAYS make me feel so good. I can feel your excitement in your comments as you are such a descriptive writer and so sweet to share such wonderful thoughts of my work and how it inspires you. YOU are awesome and I thank you so much! <3 Candy

Sue Lelli said...

I FEEL your pain! Between company and holidays and making lots of one thing ~ WHEW! It's exhausting! Can't wait to see what you make!