Thursday, 25 October 2012



I made purse out of an old plastic pkg I had.
What do you give a girl (my friend Jan) who
has everything LOL..
She always gives lots of gift cards so I thought
I would make her some.
I saw some kool ones on splitcoast, easy, peasy.
Then after I made them I realized they wouldn't
fit in my normal envelopes sooo I had to make
my own, I added some stickers to seal them..
I made 5 Christmas ones  and 5 plain ones.
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'd Like To Live Here


I saw the red barn in the distance, saw a few
apple trees, a lovely marsh leading to the red barns,
nice I thought.
Pool out side the lovely barn..
Yahhh I'd like to live there.
I always wanted to live in the country side..
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Tried Close Ups LOL


Its kinda hard when your going at least 60 ks,
not to bad though..
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Kool Dead Trees


They stand in all there bareness proud:)
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More Of My Fall Color Show


I love our Maples.......
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Box Of Cards 2


This is the second box. I used some lovely black
and white card stock I got at Micheals.
I used some things from my broken jewlery
to decorate them. I also added a tab on the
opening to make it more durable.
Thanks for looking :):)
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Box Of Cards


My DF Jan bought 20 cards for 2 of her daughters
Christmas gifts. So I made boxes for them. I covered
some empty med supplies ones I had sitting around.
Sadly I never through anything out I might use:)..
They were a little big do I made a spacer in them from
kleenex boxes. I also stuck 2 corner book marks in them.
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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All Those Colors Amazing


Everywhere I looked there was so many shades
Of red green yellow, Stunning stuff. Back later
 with more pics and I have been busy making
Christmas gifts. I have only till Nov 8th to finish
all my stuff. I have to go for another
small operation. Then I'll be done..
Thanks for looking.
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Very Nice Decorations


What a fun place this was, even a witch
smashing in to the tree..
The sunflower lady is very pretty and welcoming.
How cool is that wagon.
Very nice place..
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Lovely Grey House

I love the decorations on the grey background very nice.
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Fantastic Red


When I saw all these red beauties, I knew
I wouldn't see a greater site of fall:):)
 It was a great drive well
 a little to fast, but I got some great pics...
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