Saturday, 31 August 2013


Hello everyone, I finished my Bird neighborhood.
I had such fun making this, a thatched house, a
lovely old barn and a hut all the way from New Zealand. 

The back of the housed the backdoor is always closed.

In the barn Mrs Nancy Blue a Barn Swallow
She is a beautiful, with her tawny body and glistening
cobalt blue head, she always has a crowd at her nest
lots of kids and helpers, you always hear laughter there :O). 

Her husband is a metal worker, he has to work hard
to feed all the gang, he does lovely work as you can see.

They have a metal roof, when it rains it warm and cozy,
 the rain sound amazing in there.
They have a bat house outside..
The rest of the houses in next post..
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This is the English thatched bird house, Miss Jules,
She is a pretty little red robin, she loves her garden
and has a little Hummingbird, staying at her house.

Close up of her Boarder, Miss Sweety and her house.

Close up of her garden

This is Mrs Samantha Evans from a little Island off
the coast of New Zealand called Bells Island, she has
brought a lot of things from there to decorate her house.

Her doorbell, her good luck jar, and an old port hole.

Some shells from Tasman Sea she gathered before she left.
She is a Korimako ( bell bird) and she is always singing for us
and has a lovely voice..
Thanks for looking at my Bird neighborhood..
Have a wonderful creative day..
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Friday, 30 August 2013


See the cute duck family, my DS not only feeds
the hummers, also a few duck families.

The come a few times a day, she feeds them cracked
corn and bread, they are so cute..

A little hummer looking right at me :O)
I took so many pics of the hummers, will post
a few later..

Gorgeous Lilly pads and flower, I love them, on the drive
up north is ponds along the highway filled with them...

Can you see the sun and clouds in the water..

Love the shadows reflected in the water..
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Now when I saw the huge weeds, I fell in love, they
look like giants Queen Ann's Lace

Have a look at them closely click on them..
I wanted to go and pick some right away, until
my DS warned me about them.. 

Unbelievable something so gorgeous could be
so dangerous.... So please be careful in the countryside.

They lovely pond, on the other side of the road the water
falls down over rocks into the stream that heads to the river.
That's where we put the minnow trap for fishing ..

This is near the cottage, it's a special place where the fairies
hang out to look at the humans, they giggle and shake their
heads at the goings on at the Hummingbird Cottage..

Tons of choke cherries along the road into the cottage,
they were ripe for picking, but we left them for the bears..
Yes there are black bears there.....
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed seeing some
of the wondrous sights in Northern Ontario, I'll keep
posting them, I love sharing  this magical place with you..
I have to get to my desk and work on my Hood :O)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend..
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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hello all, I'm going to try and do a tutorial.
I cut the a 12 in Sq, I painted it with cheep
acrylic paint then used a piece of old plastic
table cloth as a stencil,used bronze metallic.
You can use any kind of paint, ink etc.

Tried to put the excess on the tyvek, but not a good idea..

Cut them out in a flag shape, I cut 1 in. but 1 1/2  I like better.

Start rolling on the large side, add a touch of glue
and start rolling, add a little glue to the end..
I used skewers you can use what eve you have.

Here they are all rolled up
Part 2 next sorry I have to do it in 2 post//
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With tyvek it's about applying heat, you can use
a heat gun like I did, you must take it off while it's
still hot, use pliers, it's hot:O) heated one on the
bottom, I like the grundged look better

These I added colored wire, heated on on the left.

The 2 above I rolled in a Timmy's resist, you can use
any kind, then dipped them in clear embossing powder.
Patsy from
Made some out of paper, her's are gorgeous, like  glass..

This shows how it reacts to heat depending on
the side you heat, it bubbles, give great texture
to your project..

This piece I made over 10 yrs ago with my DS
Sandy showed me how to play with it.
I painted it, sewed it on her fancy Serger sewing machine
then heated it.
Here are 2 videos showing how to play with tyvek

I hope you try it and just have some fun.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative day..

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Hello all, I've missed a few weeks, I'm so glad to be back.
To where you say, well the most wonderful Miss Julia at host the best blog
hop in blog land, your able to snoop at artist desk
around the world, so grab a cuppa and enjoy..
On my desk is the beginning of a triptych It started out
as game pieces 

I've sanded and gessoed them, don't know why but
will be covering them :O)..

I'm making a neighborhood with these material
This hood is going to be a special place, that's the
only clue I will leave you with  and this sneak peak.
I will be posting a tutorial on tyvek beads tomorrow
so maybe if your interested stop by again.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful creative day.
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I have a amazing  artist I visit often and her work inspires me a lot.
I've notice when I comment none of my followers have seen her beautiful work
These are some photo's of the art she creates, a beautiful bird house. she does amazing work on wood..

Beautiful tags and cards mixing beautiful inks and paints.

She has recently started a course learning to sketch and
paint, beautiful stuff.

One of my favorite things she creates is some beautiful
cans she collects, she makes a card to match each one,
they look like they came with the cans, more  awesome work.
I do hope you take a look, I love her blog tittle, grab a cuppa
if you have some time and explore her blog and be ready to
be inspired, Thanks for stopping by, I've been visiting most of
the morning and am sooooooo inspired by you all, I must get to
my desk...
Thanks a million and have a wonderful creative day..

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Monday, 26 August 2013


Hello all, I've been real busy the last couple of days.
I haven't been able to visit, I will get to as many as I can :O).
I went on a trip to Caledonia, then a craft day and have been
busy at my desk, so hope to see you soon, big hugs.... 

These are the results of the inking with salt.
Love how they turned out. Tonniece was busy
on her cricket cutting out dies and embossing for us.
I'll show those beauties tomorrow. We had a fabulous
day tons of laughs and a lot of fun was had by all of us..
Nothing better then crafting with friends.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day..
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