Friday, 30 August 2013


See the cute duck family, my DS not only feeds
the hummers, also a few duck families.

The come a few times a day, she feeds them cracked
corn and bread, they are so cute..

A little hummer looking right at me :O)
I took so many pics of the hummers, will post
a few later..

Gorgeous Lilly pads and flower, I love them, on the drive
up north is ponds along the highway filled with them...

Can you see the sun and clouds in the water..

Love the shadows reflected in the water..
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Redanne said...

Beautiful photos in both posts Dianne, just love those lily pads! Hugs, Anne x

Julie Ann Lee said...

I love these photos, Dianne. I love the clouds reflected in water too! Those lilies are gorgeous and that little hummer! Thank you for sharing these lovely scenes from nature! Julie Ann xx

Julia Aston said...

Beautiful pics! thanks for sharing your lovely time at your sisters!

Sue Lelli said...

The shadows in the water are spectacular!

earthenmagic said...