Friday, 30 August 2013


Now when I saw the huge weeds, I fell in love, they
look like giants Queen Ann's Lace

Have a look at them closely click on them..
I wanted to go and pick some right away, until
my DS warned me about them.. 

Unbelievable something so gorgeous could be
so dangerous.... So please be careful in the countryside.

They lovely pond, on the other side of the road the water
falls down over rocks into the stream that heads to the river.
That's where we put the minnow trap for fishing ..

This is near the cottage, it's a special place where the fairies
hang out to look at the humans, they giggle and shake their
heads at the goings on at the Hummingbird Cottage..

Tons of choke cherries along the road into the cottage,
they were ripe for picking, but we left them for the bears..
Yes there are black bears there.....
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed seeing some
of the wondrous sights in Northern Ontario, I'll keep
posting them, I love sharing  this magical place with you..
I have to get to my desk and work on my Hood :O)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend..
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Do you know that bit in 'Midsummer Night's Dream' where the fairy, Puck says 'Lord what fools these mortals be'? I love that Shakespeare play about the tricks the fairies play on mortals! I love how Shakespeare names so many wonderful wild flowers in the play and how he creates the fairy world, where they are no bigger than the flowers. I sometimes used to draw fairies - maybe I should include some in the art I do now. Thank you for reminding me about them! I didn't know that about Hogweed. I've never picked any luckily, though I see it often. Julie Ann xx

Sue Lelli said...

I cannot believe that about Hogweed! I would have been up close and personal with it! YIKES!

earthenmagic said...