Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I made this paper on old lined paper from a pad,
I had stamped some script then pored some ink
 with the film wrap and gold leaf.
I stamped on all my stash pieces and the canvas with
part of a stamp with birds, had to add those being a magpie :).
There everywhere..

I used the peace bling symbol, I'm a big advocate for
peace in the world and in our lives, funny story when
I was showing this to my friend Jan she said the peace
sign is upside down, I tried to change it but it wasn't moving.
Can you see the copper thread here too.

I love this stamp, the character means friend and
friends are a blessing and this old soul has been blessed.
It of course was stamped on tissue paper.
The silver earring I got in England it has a matching ring,
I lost one, so added it because I wear a lot of silver
I love it, its attached with a clothes pine with a mirrored
bird,  sadly I didn't get the little darling in this shot. 

My Japanese ladies head holding my flowers,
I photo copied a stack of them when I was making
my DS a large screen, she had an old bamboo screen.
I made 8 geisha ladies on rice paper  for the panels.
The flower I cut out of coffee filter with some gesso,
hand cut, which is why its kinda wonky:). 

This flower I used a punch with some painted water color
paper, I used gold leaf paint to do the earrings and hair things .

Love and Namaste, I'm all about LOVE, each other
and ourselves..
I used some sticky letters for my favorite word,
 ( really need to get some ink
for my printer) on some inked water color paper
I tore just about everything out and inked all the edges.
That's all about me hope you enjoyed the show, can
you believe it took me about 2 hrs to do this post,
so I think its time to say thanks so much for reading
all my craziness, I wish you all a wonderful  creative day.
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Shelby said...

What awesome work and love all of the different mediums and ideas you've used!!


Redanne said...

It was worth reading through the posts to see just how you constructed this beautiful piece - I adore the little origami dress - a wonderful finishing touch. Hugs, Anne x

Julie Ann Lee said...

Namaste Cousin! I love, love, loved this project! You are a lovely soul as well as an old one! I forget to say in my previous comment I am crazy about fans! We have a fan museum near where I live, which I think you would love. It is called The Fan Museum, Greenwich. This canvas is truly beautiful, Dianne. I love it because it is exquisite and detailed and it speaks, if you know what I mean! I wonder if we were friends in another time? You like so many of the things I do and the same colours and effects seem to call to you! Julie Ann xxx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Hi Dianne, hope you are well. Loving your project, the texture from the watercolour canvas is gorgeous when coloured. Love your oriental imagery and the added flowers too. Wonderful details on this piece. Tracy x x

Mary J said...

Wow, you are so fantastic at detail honey!

Victoria said... very beautiful..I love all the meanings you shared behind your creations..very special..peace yes..and love..very powerful! Your creations are always so visually stunning and magical! I love it all..I also love the doily/trim, that lovely antique color..awesome! Beautiful work my friend..always a joy to visit you and your creative world!
Shine on!
Wishing you a blissful rest of summer!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Backwards doesn't bother's a beautiful piece full of so much beauty, thanks for all the photos.

earthenmagic said...

...oooooooooh thee just shines dear kindred heart!...(O: