Wednesday, 21 August 2013


A little origami dress, I inked it to match the canvas
made the hanger with green and purple wire,
 then strung some tiny beads for the belt.
That's an old kilt pin I had forever, with a little bling,
the curl's are from waste of a rusted braid, you know
I can't through anything out :)
The fringe is some rusted lace. 

The huge yellow flower is St johns wort just to
tie in my yellow outfit hahahhha,..
I made the gate on an inked pages years ago,
Dunvegan  Castle on the Isle of Sky castle
Its the home of the MacLeod Clan.
I've read historical Scottish novels all my life,
also was a HUGE fan of the TV series Highlander,
The lead actor Adrian Paul was on my desk top for years,
seriously LOL, he was Duncan MacLoed of the Clan MacLeod.
Ive always believed I had a man with a kilt and long flowing hair  when I was a lassie :O)..

A flower made with rusted lace and crocheted  piece,
with a tiny fairy,cause you know I believe in them,
I've seem them when I was a lassie and in my magpie eye.
Another lovely one below...

I had to add some inked stuff so made a couple of
fans which I love and adding to my Asian theme.
The beads I made a long time ago with tyvek
I will have to show you how to make these soon
if anyone wants to know.
I used some lovely brown and copper thread my DS
gave me in a couple of places, love the shiny stuff :O).
Still here  you honor me ^-^...
Part  3  yes more sorry..
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Gio said...

I'm enjoying every tiny details, love the little dress and the fan!

Julie Ann Lee said...

Like Gio I'm really enjoying all the tiny details - I love tiny detail! Rust is great too; I want to know how to create rusty fabric and also how to make the tyvek beads. I've made some embossed beads with triangles of magazine paper, but not sure what to do with tyvek! Loving your life story details too! Great soul you have, Magpie Cousin!!! Julie Ann xx

Victoria said...

Super gorgeous..very inspiring creations..I love the dress it is adorable and charming..and I am totally smitten with the crochet enchanting and elegant!!
You are so creative and all of your unique details totally shine!!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Amazing, all the details and I enjoyed the McLeod clan bit.....I'm sure if you look hard, you'll find your lad.

earthenmagic said...

...uber super deliciousness!...(O: