Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Hello and thanks for stopping by, I thought I
would take pics of the trip up north for all of you.
Warning this is pic heavy, had to do it in 3 post.
I wanted to show you what it's like driving in
N Ont. Its very interesting and gorgeous..
Remember we are travelling along at 100 km on cruise
no slowing down for pics so some maybe a little blurry :O).

The 2 main highways are the 400 which takes you
as far as Barrie. It follows an old portage trail to the
northern lakes, wikipedia of the 400 . there was huge
boulders all the way so they had to blast it with dynamite.
You can see the lines in the rock where it was placed.

Miles of rock...

Its 209 miles till we get to the 69 which takes
you all the way to Espanola to where my DB lives,
more on that later:).

All along the way the Native people put up
Inuksuk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inuksuk
They mean " we were here", now pics of theses
were almost impossible at 100 km but I did get this one.

They have been widening this and the 69 to 4 lanes
I have pics of them, between Sudbury and Espanola
these I'll show in another post.


trisha too said...

Lovely photos, Dianne--thank you for posting your pics, I always enjoy "traveling" with my bloggy friends!


Anonymous said...

Not blurry at all!
So enjoyed my road trip with you.
Our roads here in Scotland are so much narrower.

Redanne said...

It is so lovely to see pictures of the Province in which I was born! Fabulous photos, thank you for sharing. Hugs, Anne x

Julie Ann Lee said...

These are amazing pics, Dianne. How stunning it all is. Our world is a truly remarkable planet. Thank you so much for sharing your travels! It has been lovely to get a little insight into where you've been flapping your wings lately, dear Cousin! Julie Ann xx

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures shows how proud we are.

Julia Aston said...

What great pics Diane! really clear for speeding along! but I think I'm getting car sick........... (!)

earthenmagic said...


Sue Lelli said...

LOVE all of the photos! Very interesting! Can't wait to see more!!!

butterfly said...

I've just been browsing all your pictures, such amazing scenery, and the place where the cottage is looks so fabulously remote and completely beautiful! With all that water, are there lots of mosquitoes, though?!

Thank you for your amazingly lovely comment - must be the longest comment in the world! - but your wonderful support and enthusiasm is so deeply appreciated, thank you.
Alison xx