Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hello all, I'm going to try and do a tutorial.
I cut the a 12 in Sq, I painted it with cheep
acrylic paint then used a piece of old plastic
table cloth as a stencil,used bronze metallic.
You can use any kind of paint, ink etc.

Tried to put the excess on the tyvek, but not a good idea..

Cut them out in a flag shape, I cut 1 in. but 1 1/2  I like better.

Start rolling on the large side, add a touch of glue
and start rolling, add a little glue to the end..
I used skewers you can use what eve you have.

Here they are all rolled up
Part 2 next sorry I have to do it in 2 post//
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Darnell said...

The tyvek are really something, Dianne! What a great tutorial you put together! Thank you!!

Victoria said... brilliant..these are absolutely beautiful my friend! You are super talented! Love that you are sharing tutorials..wonderful...these are beauties and stunning..marvelous work!
HUgs friend..wishing you a beautiful rest of Summer and sparkling Autumn ahead!

earthen-magic said...