Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Hello all and welcome, warning this layout is picture
heavy and a lot of explaining, stick around if you like,
or you can keep scrolling and just look around..
I've wanted to do a scrapbook page for a very long time.
I don't take many pic of people and very few of myself :).
I had the canvas made for a while, in my favorite colors.
I found a pic of myself that I actually liked, I wanted to tell
a story about myself and who I believe I am.....

I hope I don't scare some of you off cause you might think
I'm a little crazy, well that's if you don't think so already hahaha.
I used to have all this on my old blog which I used, when I was
  very privileged  to  run a yahoo artist group..
I believe I'm an old soul, meaning I have been here before.
Once as a Scottish lassy and once as a Chinese princess okay
maybe not a princess. When I was in Scotland I really felt
like I was coming home, I know I'm dramatic :) you should see
me in real life, I do like to entertain and make people laugh.
At one time my home was filled with Asian things, everywhere.
I love there script and have enjoyed teaching myself the basics on how to make the characters.

I went through all my stash, which is lots :O) and gather
things I have made and things I love..
This photo was taken oh many moons ago, I guess I was
 in my 30, I was in one of my favorite places Vancouver,
the Lonsdale Quay
The ship behind  is a huge seafood  restaurant, there is a huge
market  behind there, which is fabulous.
I got close ups on all the embellishments in the next 2 post.
Thanks for  sticking around... 


Julie Ann Lee said...

I am going to comment on the last post, Dianne! See you there! Julie Ann xx

Victoria said...

Such a beautiful picture of you..and thanks for sharing your soulful past and spiritual journey..totally magical!Shine on! Beautiful post..gorgeous creations!!
hugs kindred

Anonymous said...

wonderful and the work is very impressive. So talented and creative Lots of meaning and your soulcomes out full of love and laughter

Kate said...

A stunning layout! I absolutly love the colors, patterns, and Asian elements. The little details are so eye catching. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

earthenmagic said...

...bravo! ~ thee doth be most beautiful! ~ and the page hath come together super awesomely! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(O:

Sue Lelli said...

I LOVE this creation and all of the details and explanations! Tell your friend the peace sign is not upside down from YOUR point of view in the photo!

butterfly said...

Absolutely amazing project - forwards, backwards, or whichever way you like it! The details are so wonderful: that little dress so beautifully pleated; great use of those tea-stained laces and flowers; the little fans are adorable, and I love that it's all so tied in with who you are as a person - beautiful!
Alison x