Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hello my lovely Ladies, My dear friend Sheila, lent
me her camera so I could take some pics. I had more
in the process but those are gone so I can only show the
finished  stuff...
My DF Sheila always brings us coffee from Timmie's so
she carries them in the silly trays they use. I wanted to make
it a lot easier for her to carry.
I started with a cardboard box, it was about 2 1/2 in tall,
 then I used Kleenex boxes to build it up to reach over the
coffee cup, added my own handles from the Kleenex box
I even padded it so it would be smooth on her hands.
I covered it with used coffee filter with podge.
Then added some coffee embellishments.
The inside I used a thick padding to mold around
the cups so they stay stable. I'm quit proud how
it turned out making it from scratch..
Thanks so much for looking.
Hope every one is having a wonderful Easter..
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Thursday, 28 March 2013



Hello my lovely Lady's, I'm having trouble with my camera chip or
the plug I use, I hope to have it fixed very soon.
I've been doing a few things, I would like to post but since I can't
I thought I'd show a couple of mixed media  pieces I made and are
still sitting in my cupboard :):).
I used a piece of my inked paper,
I cut a mask out of sparkly paper,
I added some webbing stuff I had,
I added ribbon, netting, broken jewelry.
I was inspired bu the masked balls they have in Vienna.
My DB,( I only have one and we are 7 girls:):)
came down for a visit for Easter, its also his BD on
the 2nd, he live in Espanola which is in Northern Ont.
So have to make him a card, I was on Nataliya's blog
Love Crafts Forever, she made a gorgeous box card
which I'm attempting  to do hahahha even colouring hehehe..
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend,
thanks for visiting, big hugs to you all.
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013



I made another little Dress, This one I did a lot more work, I used
card stock, the one I spritzed with shimmer spray. For the outer skirt
I inked and stamped butterfly's then added gold splotches, You really can't
see all that but it there. I dyed some lace and added pearls, used
a piece of material for the top, used some blue ribbon..
Thanks for looking and have a great day..
I'm swimming Mon to Thurs. so will be busy so hope to see you soon.
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Saturday, 23 March 2013



I made a dress from my beer mat, I used some material I rusted,
then some lace bits, organza, used some string pearls for the top
and the waist. I used a flower made of thread and covered it with stickles..
Thanks for looking, have a great weekend..
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shimmer Spray

I said I'd post my stuff with the shimmer spray I made.
I did mention this before, but those post got mixed up etc etc
In my small spray bottles, I use 2/3 rubbing alcohol ,
1/3 liquid hair spray / liquid..
I use about 5, 6, drops of ink, I've used Tim's
mica pearls or Tim's..
Then spray away :):):)...
I mention I used time cards, that's what I used here and the dress
is traced from my beer mats shaped like that, on to card stock..
the 2 small pieces are card stock and on a canvas.
Its hard to see the shimmer in some pics but its there, not so
much on the canvas.. The flower I made was sitting on my desk,
there was a lot of ink left on my table, I soaked it up with my
When I finally have a give away, I have lots of goodies to share
stuff you can get in the stores..
I'm making something  fun and exciting with all the sprayed stuff.
Back to my desk, thanks a bunch for visiting, have a wonderful
creative day..


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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I made a Birthday card for my oldest  DS, it's in may a little early..
I have 2 stacks of these slider card.
I watched  cortadinaK . wordpress, she did a journal page.  it was gorgeous.
She also inspired me with lots of projects, the egg carton tec. on Fiona's card.
She did some kool tec and I used them in my card.

The front of the card holder, I used some card stock like , they are time
cards. I crumple them and spray or drop ink on them some with shimmer..
I added, a ripped piece of paper towel inked up,
added a piece of water
colour paper inked, stamped a tree sideways, to look like a branch hehe,
added a acetate bird on it.
Tore up a card I got, for the words
, added a acetate dragon fly,
edged all the pieces with inks,
Used some old game letters  for her name

The back I used more of the inked time sheets,
added half a die cut of a butterfly,
stamped a Queen Anne's Lace on tissue,
added a piece of inked paper towel,
acetate  piece on top..

The front of the tag I covered with papers torn bits
 and another part of the card for sentiment,
inked around edges.

The back of the tag I used .hand made paper,
stamped on some tissue.
Gheessss this took me forever sorry.
Thanks for staying this long, I should had offered tea.
Have a great day..
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