Sunday, 24 February 2013


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Well I'm not to please how this turned out, but after
the sneak peek I felt I had to show it..
First I saw this done with Vivian who is an amazing
mixed media artist, this is her blog
 the video she did which inspired me called Seeds,
I tried to post the link but wouldn't work you can
find her on you tube contadin K...
Anyway I layed down  masking tape then gesso over that,
I painted it with this fabric paint I have and sprayed it
with water to make the colours run, then I ironed some
Angelina together and glued this on.
I gessoed some stencils a brick wall, and the bird house.
I had a pic from a National Geographic mag. so I put a wide
piece to tape over the image, they looked like gnomes to me:):)
I burnished the paper off with water so it leaves an inked image.
Used some gauze to make the arbour, added a bit of stickle to
make it sort of mystical. I drew with my glue gun the branches
 and rocks in the garden. I used metallic cream paints to colour the
hot glue and the gessoed bird house. I glued beads on for the
seeds on the branches and coloured them with copics
 Please have a look at Vivian's video its amazing and what
inspired me. THANKS for looking
NAMASTE to you all...

Wednesday, 20 February 2013



 My friend Jan wanted me to make her another box, she is sending it to
Amsterdam so it has to be flat again, I can't wait to do a box it can
do more 3D, lol.
So i used some paper I made. I used paper towels under my inked water colour
paper and have kept it all :):)
I stamped my new Fairy stamps i got at Christmas, they are from Docraft
Papermania, enchanted, Fairies of little Venice, I love them:):)
Okay I stamped them on white tissue paper, I coloured them with my copics
hard to tell with the backgrounds colours, I did use almost the same colours.
The stamps are coloured on the back and I used the same colours.

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A couple of shots of the sides and the ribbon I added for a little trim,
It went great with the paper.....
I couldn't see the name of the shoe maker till I took
these pics:):)
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There was a hole in the end of the box, so kool I've been wanting
to use a glass bead with a pic behind it, perfect to put a picture from
a calender of Lady Cottingtons pressed fairy book, one of my favs.
She looks like she has been encased in the box, love how that turned out..
Well thanks so much for looking, NANASTE to you all...
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Friday, 15 February 2013


A little peak at what I'm working on.
Have a great Weekend..

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My lovely friend Jan stopped by and brought the coasters back so
I could get some pics so here they are. Thanks for looking.
Namaste to you all...
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Thursday, 14 February 2013



I had to take 3 pics of the first card to show the tag back and front,
I love how it turned out. OKAY I wasn't going to put the last one on
here, cause you can see I took the pic with the card upside down
LOL, but wanted to show how some of us have senior moments and
I do like this card a lot.. Wishing you a day with none of those senior
moments LOL....

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Had to cancel dinner yesterday my friends had a death in the
family so will have to get the pics of my coaster another day
Have a great day and thanks for looking, Namaste...
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013



When I got back to my table I goggled images, card sketches
and went to town:):) I have a few more to post.
I have been doing other things, made some Fairy coasters.
I took them to my friend today and of course forgot to take
pics, sadly do that often LOL. I'm going over for dinner
tomorrow so will take them then.. I've also been doing a
mix media canvas and will post it when done.
Thanks for looking and bless all my new followers and
Namaste to you all.......
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When I got back to making thing, first thing I did was go
to goggle images and got sketches and just went to town..
I have a few more to put up. I have been doing other things.
I made some Fairy coaster for a friend, can you believe it I
forgot to get pic, that funny I do that a lot LOL...
luckily going over for dinner  so will get
them then. I'm also working on a mixed media piece, will post
it when I finish... Thanks for looking my special followers, I'm
Blessed by you so Namaste....


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