Tuesday, 30 April 2013



My Lovely friend Doug, I posted his card and gift in a older post.
We have been friends for 45 yrs, well he bought me some goodies to
to use in my art.
Some Eye Loupes, I've always wanted one, don't know why :), the jewelers
use them to read the tiny writing on your jewelry.
Forty paper gift bags I can decorate, that's exciting.
A fabulous magnifying head gear, I have used them to sew and anything
I can't see they are fabulousssssssss, I have to admit I look
like I work in a lab, LOL
Also some gorgeous butterfly's made from feathers, I love them,
YIPPEE I will have fun with all these, thanks buddy.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.
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Monday, 29 April 2013



Good day my Lovely Ladies well here is the ball gown for the Faerie
Princess dress:):).
I have been collecting pretty napkins forever, I saw a dress made of
them, so I thought shesh I should use some of my tissue and create my own.
I used more wallpaper to line the inside aged it a bit.
I also put a strip of the inked paper on all 4 sides.
I did add a handle to pull the box open but no pic of that.
I cut out a bodice and covered it with my inked time cards.
I used some of the same inked card in the bottom corner to match.
I used 2 a green and a purple one folded them in triangles to form
the bottom of the dress.
 I used some sequins for the top and some ribbons to create the waistline.
Then used the gorgeous, avocado green ribbon to create the top layer.
I added some shiny dollar store bling on the bottom of the dress.
As you see there is a special little faerie to guard the Princess dress.
She has done an excellent job..:):).
Thanks  for visiting and  and have a wonderful day.
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Sunday, 28 April 2013


I've altered another chocolate box, by the way, I get these boxes
from my friend Jan, really LOL
I used a page from my wall paper album Got it from a paint place
for free, its all embossed pages gorgeous.
A picture from my Lady Cottington pressed fairy calender 2004.
I used sticker letters in enchantment.
circles from my ink stained time cards and card stock and wrote out
Trying to take the dress, that's what happens
I made the 2 flower on the top,
on the bottom the big one is a silk one, with a little one I made inside,
I made the big bow with some gorgeous ribbon my friend Sheila
gave me, I did a running stitch down one side the pulled it together,

finally got to use one of the stick pins I made..

That little sneaky fairy tried to see the ball dress inside, she didn't
know there was a powerful little fairy guarding it, sadly she was
punished for stealing. They are tough in that mystical land..
There is a ball gown inside the box but will have to show that
tomorrow. I have to get to my desk, it;s calling to me. heheheh..
The winners are further down on the post.


Hello my lovely Ladies, we have our three winners,shesh I sound like
royalty always talking in the third person LOL, I  talk like this
to my lovely and talented, Ladies in my group, I would spend the whole
 day on the comp. looking up site to visit arrange and some time host lots of swaps,post all our
artwork in 4 folders full. There were textile artist, paper artist, mixed media
artist, I have a gorgeous book made of textile pages we did in a swap,
that was my favourite, I'll have to post some pics of it:). I would have questions to answer on
Fridays to get all the Ladies around the world sharing, I did lots of chatting
telling funny stories, answered all their questions, and most importantly encouraged
all of my ladies. I told them all when creating with love in your heart it always
comes out beautifully...
It was one of the best times in my life being in a community of all those
 wonderful talented people was very humbling and and Honor
ANYWHO enough about me:):)
 My 3 winners are
Jenn Jedient of  Crafted My Fancy
Alison Butterfly of Words and Pictures
Diane  of Nelie's Nest

My email address in in my profile, can  you three lovelies send me your email address
And I will get back to you..
Thanks for staying with me for this long post, wishing you all
a wonderful day..
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Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello My Lovely Ladies
I want to share some of my stash /junk :):).
I have, lots of time cards I use for tags and
tags I've altered, I've shown these before.
lots of Cd's to alter, lots of jute, lots of games
pieces, bookmarks, rusted material,Chinese
papers, real dried ginkgo leaves, even some of my
 walnut ink. If  I can think of a way to send it,
 some homemade flowers.
 my stick pins, Lots of stuff I would like to share.
This is for my followers  who have inspired me to
Being an X moderator for a group on yahoo for 4 years,
I want to make  this a little bit of fun soooo :):).

Three Ladies who have answer them correctly
will win. If you have been following me it will be easy.

1.What is the name of the group I ran?
2. What is my BBF name?
3.What is my favourite technique?
You'll find all the answers on my blog

If you want to participate that would be wonderful
if not that's okay too. I'll pick the winners next weekend
Hope all you Lovely Ladies are having a great weekend..
I will try to keep this post at the top of my blog LOL.

Thursday, 25 April 2013



Thought I'd share how my rusting of my lace and embroider flowers came out
I love them and will use them in a project soon.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative day..

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Hello all I will be liking to Julia Dunnit blog
Julia's blog has the best blog hop in blogland so grab a cuppa
and enjoy the hop..

 I have  a lot going on but want to tell you the recipe to make
your own gesso, I did and I love it..
I used a small jam jar which you can see in the picture .
One part white acrylic paint
one part baby powder (talc)
half of one part modge podge or white glue.
Then stir, stir, stir, stir, till it's all mixed together.
TADA you have gesso.
Mine is thick but I can pour it, I'm going to make another jar
but thicker this time so I can use a pallet knife, just going to add more
baby powder, thanks for looking and have a wonderful day..
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 I made my own gesso and used some old thin water color paper.
I've been trying to post and link to Julia Dunnit blog but after a dozen
trys it won't let me I hope this post will go through.
I will try to link later and hope it works GRRRRRR.. BLOGGER:):)
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This piece had Chinese writing, tea and coffee, and a butterfly.
I cut  them up and added some of Times distressed ink with
a sponge then spritzed some water in my palm and flicked it on.
 I wiped the gessoed part lightly with a wet wipe..
I used tea bag, worn lipstick and shabby shutters...
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More gessoing :):). I used some fabulous beer mats, I got in a lovely
old pub in Great West Wratting, Red Lion,  the landlord is exactly
what you would imagine a British pub owner would be like, large
side burns and all :),  he is a very funny fellow, entertaining all the
punters. He always gives me a bunch of stuff from beer he serves.
These mats are the best, first pic is the before, second pic is one coat
of gesso, the 3rd is 2 coats. Its enough to cover since I usually cover
 over them. Amazing how they look like dresses after they are white.
Love my gesso, thanks for visiting and have a creative day...
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013



I altered another tag with my dyed ink tag on one side.
I used a lovely piece of paper for the other side.
I cut up the sentiments from an old card I had.
Also some tissue I stamped.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.
I have a giveaway posted below, check it out,
lots of goodies, I'm sharing..
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I altered a clear plastic chocolate box.
I used some dyed paper towels on the lid.
I used a dyed baby wipe for the sides.
I decorated it with punched card and
stamped a piece. Added some sticky words.
I also added some painted pieces of aluminium.
with nail polish.
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Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hello my Lovely Ladies please scroll down to my giveaway  I tried to put it on top but it wouldn't go, so please do have a look if you want some of my goodies:):). Its at the bottom of the blog. Have a wonderful day...



This stated out as a book LOL once I made the the front it
it became a face and there was no room for the hole shesh.
So I decided I had to attach it differently sooooo
I used tea dyed gauze and some bamboo sticks from my DS
garden. Glued them all together to create a wall hanging.
I had put gesso on all the coasters then just edged the
back with Tom's tea dye. Stamped them with leaves.
Then I used some lovely paper bags I got in England,
they give you the most beautiful paper bags in the stores,
They don't in Canada, you can iron them on cloth and
the print will transfer to the material.
I ripped all the paper and edged it with the tea stain ink.
I had ripped up a tag, I had been using when stamping
the coasters. I thought I would make pockets with them,
ooops I had glued them right to the coasters, so I used
clear plastic for the pockets for the tags. The tags I had
there was a few words on them so I added my sentiments
in pen to go with what was written on them. One I used
some sticky letters, edged all around them with the tea stain
then removed the letters, love how that turned out.
Well now I have a wall hanging for EARTH DAY.
Lots of pics again and long post:):)
If your still here :) thanks for looking and have a wonderful
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I started out just making a circle of real ginkgo leaves,
since they are very fragile I had to well first I tried spraying
them with spray acrylic, just chased them around the cardboard,
then I podged them on the front let it dry then the back.
I used some huge pine cone leaves which I got in England.
I've been wanting to use my silk pods so I wanted them to be flowers.
I used and old stamp I made from the baked clay of a ginkgo leaf.
When I added the pods it became a face, AMAZING..
I used another pod I had picked up in a field not sure what it is
for the nose and mouth. I made her a fancy hat.
Now she is the Mother Queen of the leaves, LOL :):)
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