Tuesday, 30 April 2013



My Lovely friend Doug, I posted his card and gift in a older post.
We have been friends for 45 yrs, well he bought me some goodies to
to use in my art.
Some Eye Loupes, I've always wanted one, don't know why :), the jewelers
use them to read the tiny writing on your jewelry.
Forty paper gift bags I can decorate, that's exciting.
A fabulous magnifying head gear, I have used them to sew and anything
I can't see they are fabulousssssssss, I have to admit I look
like I work in a lab, LOL
Also some gorgeous butterfly's made from feathers, I love them,
YIPPEE I will have fun with all these, thanks buddy.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.
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earthenmagic said...


butterfly said...

What a great set of exciting toys to play with! Never even heard of eye loupes - can't wait to see what all that's about!
Alison x

Diane said...

What a great friend...I am loving those butterflies, they are beautiful!!

Jenn Bedient said...

What fun toys! Those butterflies are gorgeous.