Monday, 1 April 2013



Well my DB is gone back home but it was great visiting with him,
it sure made this Easter special.
So I made the box card, it was hard since he is such a well manly guy.
I actually stamped a scene I made on the out sides and coloured it with
my wood less pencils and used sansodor to blend it, I don't do much
colouring LOL..
I had to make the lid 3 times to get it to fit, so lots of cutting and gluing
to the new top, measure twice then cut once, never works for me hahah.
I made a handle for him to lift off you know men  :):)
It kinda went with it so grrreat..
Added some embellishments I had, only male stuff I had..
I aged everything with walnut distress, added some strips
of pages around the pics, the middle is what  he looks like now,
the others were taken years ago when he use to smoke and
party, thought I would remind him, hahhahahah.
I think he liked it and asked if I could make him something
Lots of pics since I did 4 sides inside and out sorry have a
cuppa if you have time.
Thanks for looking and thanks to Nataliya  for showing  and
inspiring me to make this box..
Have a great day my lovely Ladies..
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Monika/Buzsy said...

Sounds like you 2 had a great time. Great box Diane. Especially love the colors and the rugid handle with the brads.

Monika/Buzsy said...

Ops! Sorry for not spelling your name correctly Dianne.

Victoria said...

So wonderful..such a lovely box.. ..beautiful and very very special! Always so creative!
Have a magical day!

butterfly said...

How great to spend time with your brother and share this fabulous gift with him... a great make!
Alison x

Mary J said...

That is so professional, Dianne - love it!

Redanne said...

Hi Dianne, this is such a perfect box for a man, I love the way you have decorated it too. Not at all surprised that your Brother liked it! Anne x

Gio said...

Namesta, Dianne.
This box is so lovely, hope your brother apprecciated it!