Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello My Lovely Ladies
I want to share some of my stash /junk :):).
I have, lots of time cards I use for tags and
tags I've altered, I've shown these before.
lots of Cd's to alter, lots of jute, lots of games
pieces, bookmarks, rusted material,Chinese
papers, real dried ginkgo leaves, even some of my
 walnut ink. If  I can think of a way to send it,
 some homemade flowers.
 my stick pins, Lots of stuff I would like to share.
This is for my followers  who have inspired me to
Being an X moderator for a group on yahoo for 4 years,
I want to make  this a little bit of fun soooo :):).

Three Ladies who have answer them correctly
will win. If you have been following me it will be easy.

1.What is the name of the group I ran?
2. What is my BBF name?
3.What is my favourite technique?
You'll find all the answers on my blog

If you want to participate that would be wonderful
if not that's okay too. I'll pick the winners next weekend
Hope all you Lovely Ladies are having a great weekend..
I will try to keep this post at the top of my blog LOL.


Jenn Bedient said...

Ohhh, a game! What fun! Was your Yahoo group called Like Minded Threads? And your BBF Tonniece? And I am venturing to say you like rusting the best. Or perhaps doing your inked backgrounds with your homemade inks that are also so lovely? I still need to try the recipe you posted a little while back :) And the rusting. Ah, one of these days I will find the time to play outside of cards!

butterfly said...

Hi Dianne... fun game!
a) Like Minded Threads
b) Well, I can't win... because I'm not even sure what a BBF name is!! But I wanted to join in. To me you'll always be Magpiedi Magpiedi!!
c) Well, I'd say it's a toss-up between shimmer spraying (with homemade sprays of course, and rusting your bits and pieces to create fabulous vintage, distress look crafting material
Have a great week,
Alison xx

Sande said...

Who doesn't love a game. I know I do. New follower but I check your blog every week and adore your work.

The name of your group was Like Minded Threads.
Your BBF is Tonniece.
And I think your favorite technique is rusting. Though my first thought is using natural products but that really isn't a technique.

butterfly said...

Yay - found her on the 11th Feb!! Tonniece! Thank you for letting me know what BBF is - I don't know all the lingo!!

Mary J said...

I've got far too much stash already so don't put me down for it but just wanted to wish everyone good luck who is joining in!

Diane said...

Hmmm...I will enter, so here goes
1. Like Minded Threads
2. Tonniece (I didn't know what BBF is either, so I copied this...shame on!
2...I think right now it would be rusting things!!
thanks for the chance!! And thank you so much for all the very nice comments on my blog, too!!

earthenmagic said...