Wednesday, 20 February 2013



There was a hole in the end of the box, so kool I've been wanting
to use a glass bead with a pic behind it, perfect to put a picture from
a calender of Lady Cottingtons pressed fairy book, one of my favs.
She looks like she has been encased in the box, love how that turned out..
Well thanks so much for looking, NANASTE to you all...
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Felicity W said...

what a lovely box you have decorated. Love the bead you put in the hole and make it look nice and funny.


Victoria said...

I adore this! So whimsical..and it is totally enchanting a world within me..this is blissful my friend..beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and so colourful my friend You are so talented and take pride in crafting and using your imagination. Proud you are my friend and can hardly wait for the next posting inspector 9 Hugs

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE the gem with the fairy face behind! FAB!

smarcoux said...

brillant .... sticking her tongue out