Thursday, 14 February 2013



I had to take 3 pics of the first card to show the tag back and front,
I love how it turned out. OKAY I wasn't going to put the last one on
here, cause you can see I took the pic with the card upside down
LOL, but wanted to show how some of us have senior moments and
I do like this card a lot.. Wishing you a day with none of those senior
moments LOL....

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Victoria said...

Gorgeous..and super gorgeous..all of your works are stunning! hey i love the upsidedown it creative expression!

Patty Sue 2 said...

I once wore a lost piece around on my bottom for most of the day! Yes...those senior moments catch us all unaware!

Tonniece said...

Hey woman. Love all your cards. They are all gorgeous.
Hugz Tonniece

Starr said...

Love your cards, the black and white looks great together and love the tags! Fabulous job!