Sunday, 24 February 2013


Well I'm not to please how this turned out, but after
the sneak peek I felt I had to show it..
First I saw this done with Vivian who is an amazing
mixed media artist, this is her blog
 the video she did which inspired me called Seeds,
I tried to post the link but wouldn't work you can
find her on you tube contadin K...
Anyway I layed down  masking tape then gesso over that,
I painted it with this fabric paint I have and sprayed it
with water to make the colours run, then I ironed some
Angelina together and glued this on.
I gessoed some stencils a brick wall, and the bird house.
I had a pic from a National Geographic mag. so I put a wide
piece to tape over the image, they looked like gnomes to me:):)
I burnished the paper off with water so it leaves an inked image.
Used some gauze to make the arbour, added a bit of stickle to
make it sort of mystical. I drew with my glue gun the branches
 and rocks in the garden. I used metallic cream paints to colour the
hot glue and the gessoed bird house. I glued beads on for the
seeds on the branches and coloured them with copics
 Please have a look at Vivian's video its amazing and what
inspired me. THANKS for looking
NAMASTE to you all...

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Sue Lelli said...

Thank you for all of the information. It was interesting to me to read your process, especially since I am just beginning to dabble in Mixed media. I quite enjoyed looking at your creation. There is so much detail and I think it ROCKS!