Tuesday, 5 March 2013



I have lots going on at my desk but can't show you so I thought I
would show you what an inked paper is suppose to look like:):)..
I made this in 06, a few years ago, I see what I did wrong now.
When you scrunch the plastic and it creates air pockets,well
I squished them out even poked them with a pin,( I've lost some
of my mind oh well :):) )
Anyway, I put it on a game board, the other side is a brown
paper bag painted with metallic paint. I had my friend cut it up.
My group was making a charm swap. I have a lot of pieces
left... I'll try to find a pic of my charms. I was on my old blog yesterday
 and grabed a lot of my work, now I have them in my new  comp..
Thanks for looking and have a great day..NAMESTA!!!

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Mrs O crafty blog said...

So vibrant .. Love the colours Px

Patrice said...

Wow Dianne I'm wondering what you're going to make with it. Beautifully those colors! Greetings Patrice

Victoria said...

Wow..vibrant and magical..these are the perfect color palettes for me today...energizing...fire-magic!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Airbubbles or not... they look great. Especially love the first one.

Anonymous said...

The colours are so vibrant and you have been so busy when I phone but have time to speak to a friend Great job inspector 9 and happy to be your friend

Aileen said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Dianne! Your charms are delicious looking love the ink work backgrounds you used!

Happy Creating,


Chantal Vandenberg said...

Wow - love the colours here - unreal!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! That is beautiful! Just the kind of art I love!

Tonniece said...

Beautiful Di
HUgz T