Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I made a Birthday card for my oldest  DS, it's in may a little early..
I have 2 stacks of these slider card.
I watched  cortadinaK . wordpress, she did a journal page.  it was gorgeous.
She also inspired me with lots of projects, the egg carton tec. on Fiona's card.
She did some kool tec and I used them in my card.

The front of the card holder, I used some card stock like , they are time
cards. I crumple them and spray or drop ink on them some with shimmer..
I added, a ripped piece of paper towel inked up,
added a piece of water
colour paper inked, stamped a tree sideways, to look like a branch hehe,
added a acetate bird on it.
Tore up a card I got, for the words
, added a acetate dragon fly,
edged all the pieces with inks,
Used some old game letters  for her name

The back I used more of the inked time sheets,
added half a die cut of a butterfly,
stamped a Queen Anne's Lace on tissue,
added a piece of inked paper towel,
acetate  piece on top..

The front of the tag I covered with papers torn bits
 and another part of the card for sentiment,
inked around edges.

The back of the tag I used .hand made paper,
stamped on some tissue.
Gheessss this took me forever sorry.
Thanks for staying this long, I should had offered tea.
Have a great day..
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Jenn Bedient said...

This tag and tag holder are simply beautiful! Love what you've done with them! Would have never been able to tell what they were in their original lives. Awesome job!

Kelly Griglione said...

Oh wow, I NEVER would have guessed that this is the original form of your tag holder ... what a difference!! How great that you snapped a photo of the before. (I guess easy to do if you have stacks of them, right?)

Bibiana Martinez-Ziegler said...

nice way to recycle..I love this too about your tag...
bye bibiana

Victoria said...

Fabulous...wonderfully done! I'll still have some tea please!