Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hello my Lovelies, I'm back for the best day of the
week WOYWW, all thanks to our fabulous Hostess
 Miss Julia, she's been up to all sorts HERE
 is where you can see what that all about..
As for me hhhmmm short and sweet, I'll try :).
The ONE and ONLY pic is some of that Christmas stuff.
I cut up around 45 squares, I think it linen,
it's biege, looks white here
Adorn , Miss Lynne does some gorgeous stamping
on material,  I looooove that look, so I'm going to
TRY to do that, then put them on a tag..
It's going to be fun making a tag instead of a card..
Not sure how or with what, that's still in the creative
process LOL..
After I ripped out the squares, I fringed them all, see
alllll the thread, took my a few hrs..
I found 2 C stamps and tried some stamping.
I think it will be the fairy, yes love a fantasy
anything hahahah..
Maybe vintage, inspired by all the wonderful
Ladies I visit, you know who you are ^-^..
I make mine, like a production line, I make a few
so find it much easier this way
Thanks so much for visiting, now grab a cuppa,
and have a wee snoop around the world, I'll
be doing that after water fit..
Hope you have a wonderful day...


Shaz Brooks said...

Love the look of stamping on fabric- if you like fantasy style, go have a look at Lavinia Stamps, she has all fairy/fantasy stamps, and has done some beautiful samples on fabrics. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21xx

Robin Spitzer said...

So looking forward to see your finished tags. I have never stamped on fabric...That might be a new one to do after the first of the year for me. I just made some fabric flowers and had to work at fraying the fabric...the more strings the better! I was wearing them, found them all over the floor, as they must have just fallen off me where ever I went. At least you caught the bulk of yours!

Hugs, Robin 80

SusanLotus said...

I love the little card and the tag standing on your desk. Very beautiful.

Have a great week!
Susan nr 44 woyww

Gio said...

I'm pretty sure you'll come up with something's a long way, i see...;-)

Lacey Lynne said...

So talented!
The Craft Donkey

Gita said...

Interesting project. I think it'll look great!! Brigita #88

Julie Ann Lee said...

Hello dear Cousin, that linen looks fabulous - there is nothing more exciting than a piece of white paper or fabric - the possibilities are just thrilling! I know you are going to create some wonderful tags with these! Lynne is terrific, isn't she? I love all the pretty things she makes with all the lace and vintage bits and bobs! Thank you so much for your visit today. Mr Magpie and I had a lovely winter walk. The sunset was so beautiful somebody should make a distress stain that red/gold colour! Have a lovely day, my dear, dear friend whose visits always make me feel happy! Nice you were around on my special day! Julie Ann xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

PS I meant to say also that, as I've probably said before, it's been your encouragement, dear coz that's given me wings to fly! Julie Ann xx #33

Carole said...

I bet your quite efficient...and I look forward to seeing what the finished project looks like. Happy Snooping Carole # 97

Peg Robinson said...

that is a good pile of cloth and thread.. Looks like fun. Peg R #102

Ali H said...

Looks like you have been very busy - agree with the other comment about Lavinia stamps - I just love them ! Ali #36

Anonymous said...

can hardly wait tosee the finish Lots of work on fraying I see will be wonderful

Gita said...

I can't seem to find the blog about your gown and my namesake. :-( i've typed into the search and I get a gnome triptych. ?? -- Brigita

May said...

Stamping on to fabric is fun...Your tags will look amazing I'm sure... Have a great weekend ahead....Hugs May x x x

Aletha J. Williams said...

I cannot wait to see your finished project, but I guess I will have too. This is something that I have never tried. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

smarcoux said...

try tea staining a few of the fabrics then stamping them .. yummy

Dianne said...

How funny is that, as I was tea dyeing them my physic sister said the same thing, we she started my on my wonderful artist journey, big hugs Little Sis..

trisha too said...

Lynn does make the most beautiful things, and stamping on fabric always has such a pretty effect--can't wait to see how yours turns out, Dianne!

Thank you for dropping in this woyww, my bloggy friend!!!


Cazzy said...

This sounds like it is going to be fun! I hope to stamp on an apron soon.

Cazzy x #87

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm hooked, Dianne! These are going to be stunning!! Such a ton of work! I saw more recent posts on my way in, so I'm off to see the updates ...Hugs, Darnell