Monday, 14 October 2013


My lovely friend Bibiana has made a gorgeous card
 for Cancer and has inspired me to make, well something,
to honor  it this month,,
I got a piece of junk mail from Bell and thought how kool is
this shape so I decided to use this instead of making a card :).
Thank goodness I bought lots of tape, 2 large rolls, I'll need it..

I cut up 8 pieces from my time cards to put on top.
Since it folded up I thought it would be to thick to fold.
Now I have a 2 templates to make more..

Since I'm not a pink kinda girl, I had to search through
all my stash and found a few pink things, cut the paper
to fit all 8 sides, I'm edging every thing in worn lipstick.
As you see, me a straight lines, not good, but I will be
covering over it with something :)..
The one above is the inside..

This is the out side, so front and back, is this confusing yet,
it was for me LOL, the small pieces I have clipped are going
on top of the square, I sorry I have to do this in a few post.
I have 8 sides to decorate so lots of pics to show the process,
Part 2 in the post below..
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Just popping over to the next post! Intrigued so far! Julie Ann xx

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE how you recycle Everything! Can't wait to see part two!

Aletha J. Williams said...

This is wonderful. I can't wait for part two, also. I want to also say THANKS SO MUCH for popping over to my blog. That means the world to me, and you comments always make my day.
Aletha Jane