Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Yahoo it Wed, it's my favorite day of the week,
You know why, if you came from our lovely
Julia HERE that wonderful artist gives us umm
snoopy artist who love to look at other artists
fabulous desk and what they are up too, grab
a cuppa, of your choice and enjoy
I'm working on a tag for a wonderful artist,
it's a secret who :O)

These are funny kind of tags, but it's what I use.
The pic above you can see I have cut the tag
smaller then the holder so I can add texture,
and it slides easily inside..  

I sand all 4 sides, it helps thing stick better, there
is a slot hole in the middle, I cover it with printer paper
and large tape, nothing will get on the inside after I added
everything :) 

I cover both sides of the tag with a special paper towel
I had this in my rusting pot, when I saw the gorgeous
rust pattern, I had to save it for something special.
I got 2 piece, once I separated them, matching, kool,
covered both sides, glued using mod podge.

Paper towels have a great texture as you can see
I put it with the bubbles on one side, I did rubbed
it with my gold ink..

The other side had indentation, I love it both ways.
So this is how I begin my tags, hope this isn't to long,
I never do anything the easy way, LOL..
Last week, I had my games pieces on my desk,
I made a bird neighborhood, if you want to have
a boo you can see it here, it's 2 parts sorry,
 I love how the hood turned out..
I'm so glad you came by to visit wishing you all a
wonderful creative day.
Sorry Julia if this was to long, I know I'm way to chatty,
us magpies are ^-^..
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earthenmagic said...


Gita said...

Love the look and texture of that paper towel. Awesome! Brigita #84

Helen said...

Hi Diane - what a neat start to a tag - I love tags!!!! The paper towel for texture is a fab idea. Took a peak at your bird neighbourhood. Love it! Love the post too! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 70

Julie Ann Lee said...

Ooh, I have to take a peek at your bird neighbourhood! I love that rusty paper towel and thanks for the tutorial on how you make your tags! Super!!! Julie Ann x #32

Tonniece said...

Looking GOOOOD Di.
Hugz Tonniece

Anne said...

Looks great and am going to investigate using a paper towel thanks for sharing. Anne x #54

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Dianne, look what you've created with a paper towel. WOW! You are amazing. I absolutely love your art.
I've been a tad behind on visits with bloggy friends but am enjoying catching up today. We had so many college activities with both of our children the past few weeks.
Off to browse what else I've missed.

Anonymous said...

Well I just love that texture and the colour.
I am sure you had the most fun with this.

Gita said...

Oh that would be so fun if you used my name for one of your fairies. Would love to see it too. :-)

Shelby said...

Gorgeous tag and I love all of the texture you've used and the color is fantastic.


Diane said...

Was so fun to see what was on your desk...I am like a lot of work in progress!!

Sue Lelli said...

YOUR desk always has such interesting things!

ike said...

Oh STUNNING..... I love the effect the paper towels make. Fantastic :-)


IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx

Gráinne said...

The paper towel is so very yummieh! I love it, really. The TAG plus holder look very promising, I'm sure it will be stunning when it's done. Wonderful artwork around your blog, I see. Sorry I'm late with commenting :-) Happy belated WOYWW, Suzanne

Glenda Brooks said...

Beautiful texture going on here! How creative! Glenda #73

Glenda Brooks said...

Just had to come back around and join your site. I'm going to keep my eye on you girl! So much going on here. One of my yorkies is named Maggie Mae and I call her MagPie and when I began crafting in this house I only had a desk and a chest for my things in a small section of the laundry room. Maggie had a bed in there thus came Magpie's Corner. I love to make card and flowers are my favorite thing. Hugs Glenda #73

butterfly said...

Such yummy texture from the paper towels...
Alison x