Sunday, 19 January 2014


      Hello my Lovelies, trying to post on here now is giving me fits,
wings flapping, feathers flying, since updating my Picasa, it added a backup google thing on my desk top, I didn't think I needed more pics of the same photos, extra space used up so I deleted it call me crazy, since then I can't blog from my picasa., I googled the error , no help there, I tried to get it back on, but it isn't in my recycle bin. soooooo I now have to post from blogger and we will see how this goes, wish me luck :O)....

This is the front cover of my gelato book, I gessoed  the cardboard
page, scribbled some blue, green and gold gelatos all over and rubbed them in with my fingers, stamped some of my new swirls,
stamped, my new bird stamp  and the Believe on tissue, all with gathered twigs podged them on, added some white dots around with my big white pen, loooooove it, rubbed some Inka gold around the edge....

Shesh, the photo below is the other side,
gessoed it, used brown and banana gelatos over the whole page rubbed it in,stamped the new swirls on tissue, they are lovely,  used my old gesso through a stencil, that's when I decided I needed some new products :) colored it with gelatos rubbed it in with my fingers,
stamped dream in black ink, added white dots and Inka gold around the edges..


 Clear embossed the next page with my vine stamp,colored the page in blue, green and orange gelatos, I wet my finger with some water started to blend it, the paper started to rub off, I had to rubbed the rest just with my fingers, I wiped it carefully with a baby wipe over the embossing,
added the white dots around the page.

I clear embossed the other side with an old stamp, colored the page with green and a metallic blue, rubbed it with just my fingers,  carefully rubbed over it with a baby wipe, white dashes with my big pen  around the page.

 This page was dry embossed with some flowers, colored the page with the gelatos, sprayed a spot on the page and tried to blend it in and the spot just buckled up, I dried it with a paper towel and just blended again with my fingers... Some of the pages in the book we not strong enough to add water, which I think is a little crazy because gelato's are made to work with water, I was pretty disappointed  with Faber-Castel, I did win mine, but they are the same ones people buy, not good for them. I did buy some good water color paper to play with the gelatos after I finish this book.
I used the page for a frame for an stamped image, used some of my new origami paper,
I colored my other new stamp with pink and purple gelatos, sprayed the stamp with some water and stamped it on white card stock, rubbed Inka gold all around the edges..
The page was all still wonky so I taped it to a piece of scrap  packaging to make it steadier..
Well this post has taken me over an hour to do, so I will keep the other pages for another day :O).
Thanks so much for sticking around for this crazy post, I hope you could understand it LOL..
I hope you all have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS ))) to all my lovely visitors...


Dr Sonia S V said...

Diane love the way you explained the process
Dr Sonia

Gio said...

Sono many uses for the Gelatos! Wonderful spread, Dianne.
If you put gesso on the surface you can avoid at all to use water, just rub with your finger, I love this way.

Annie said...

Beautiful projects Diane. Fabulous array of colours. I have no gelato's but adore what you have created.
Bright and uplifting


butterfly said...

Such beautiful pages, Dianne - the colours are so dreamily lovely on the first side, and then that fabulous intense vivid green further down - fantastic! So glad you managed to make Blogger work to share this with us!
Alison xx

Glenda Brooks said...

I have not tried Gelatos but love some of the looks you have achieved here. I will probably just continue to play with what I have. Trying to use up some of my stash this year!

Anonymous said...

beautiful and colourful love the style abd colours lots of work

Redanne said...

Oh Diane where would we be without technology - but when it goes goodness, it really does test the old patience. Glad you managed to post through Blogger as I would hate to have missed these gorgeous pages - I love the colours you achieve with those gelatos! The first page is fabulous and I love that green one too - so Spring-like. Just love your pages and it all made perfect sense to me. Hugs, Anne x

Monika/Buzsy said...

Glad you were able to post after all... sometimes it's a pain! But we love it! Beautiful pages... the cover is lovely... the texture of the card board is perfect. Such pretty images and colors. The heat embossing looks great and works well with the sprayed spots.

Kate said...

Ooooooh, so pretty! I love the cover and texture on those pages.

Tonniece said...

Well chickie 4 all the problems you had making these pages no one would ever know except for you telling them. These pages are gorgeous!!
Hugz Tonni

Anneke said...

Very inspiring work! Love visiting your blog Dianne!

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm so sorry you had trouble with Picasa and the whole update business, Dianne! I'm glad it worked out in the end so you could post this stunning work! I know how hard it is to do a long post and appreciate all the trouble you went through with the explanations and the beautiful photographs! This is a work of art to be very proud about! Hugs, Darnell

Feathers said...

I Love it and the vintage feel to it draws me in! you've great talent and your step by step guidance is very helpful too :) keep sharing your inspiring work, beautiful soul! xx

Feathers said...

I Love it and the vintage feel to it draws me in! you've great talent and your step by step guidance is very helpful too :) keep sharing your inspiring work, beautiful soul! xx

Sue Lelli said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! LOVE your covers, front and back! GORGEOUS! You are really making some Beautiful things with your gelatos! LOVE the bird and the vine especially! Picasa won't let me blog anymore so I export to a file and pull from there. Takes twice as long! YIKES!