Friday, 30 May 2014


Hello my lovelies I had some time last weekend to do some dreaming with the Dragons, I must have read it quickly because I though it said the color red so I went with that, lol.
When I was first introduced to music it was at my wonderful second family home, I was 13, we never had music in my home, at our family reunions there was live music all night long, my Uncles playing and singing, those were wonderful memories. At my friend Tonniece's house there was music on all the time from morning till night and it was the wonderful R&B, fabulous dance music and wonderful love song's it became my passion, I always said I had the music running through my veins, I also NEED music to create. When I was sick for a year and half in my bed, my dear friend Sheila got me Mary J Blige latest CD here if your interested. Mary's my girl I played it over and over and she  helped healed me. She is known as the Queen of R&B...

I used a piece of mixed media paper cut it into a Gothic shape from a template I received from my Cuz  and decorated it with all the reds I had of Tim's distressed ink, dropped water all over it,  made some circles with Ecoline magenta ink and water down white paint for the circles with a pill bottle top, I used a bit of my paper artsy stamp, the one I got from my Magpie Cuz, Miss Julie Ann, with some musical notes on it, it's the only musical one I have, I also used a die cut she gave me as a stencil on the bottom, stamped the R&B in the circles, I cut 2 of them out to stamp Queen of R&B and MJB  I put glue dots under, them added a metal crown painted with Inca gold

I fussy cut out one of the photos of Mary from her CD and put a ton of tiny pop dots under it, I cut up a piece of red netting to make the bow and hold the tag.
I decorated a piece of cereal box a bit larger, the same way to make the tag sturdier, and frame it, edged everything with Tim's black soot and Inca gold, I think that's it, no photos of the process I was in the groove :O)..
Thanks for stopping bu my nest so I could share my dream, I'll have the whole weekend to fly around and visit all the other dreamers and all you Lovelies Ladies..
Deb is finished her chemo, she doing okay, now we just wait for the results, I'll also be at my desk creating the textured canvas for my friend Mildred..                       ((( BIG HUGS)))



Anonymous said...

beautiful mary jane would love it byee sheila

Helen said...

What a lovely tag - I love the way everything seems to sway around your tag in time to the music - and red starts with R, (I used it for my word!) so that is just fine.. lovely to see you dream with us dragons again.
x Helen

May said...

Gorgeous tag Dianne, you sure have done the Queen of R&B proud...I love her music too...the background is fantastic, your work is always AmAzing....Thank you for dreaming with us at Dragons Dream... Hugs May x x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Fabulous! Love the rich colours and way you have all those different elements that come together so well to illustrate your love of Mary's music! Glad to hear better news about Debs. Hugs, Chrisx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Fabulous! Love the rich colours and way you have all those different elements that come together so well to illustrate your love of Mary's music! Glad to hear better news about Debs. Hugs, Chrisx

Redanne said...

Wishing and hoping for Debs results to be good....

You won't be surprised to hear that red is my favourite colour so I love this gorgeous creation, it is so beautiful and looks very tactile too! Hugs, Anne xx said...

I love tags and this one is wonderful! I too love R & B and listen daily! I love the colors you chose to use on your tag! Have a great weekend!

iris said...

et les photos du billet précedant avec les chaussures
j'aime beaucoup
merci de ton passage et de ton
commentaire bien sympathique♥♥♥
à très bientôt

je vais aller sur Face book
pour faire une invitation
je me suis
Dutertre edith

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! This is a stunner, Dianne. I just had a minute to check out the Dragons Dream link-up and saw you there, so here I am! I love all kinds of music and R&B is amazing! I really love the old, old early stuff like 'Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and lovely Blues ladies like Bessie Smith. I don't know the music of Mary Blige, so I will check her out! I love, love love what you did with the pill bottle top; the die-cuts - I'm just thrilled you were able to use them, and Mary looks like a really elegant lady! So very happy to hear about Debs. Julie Ann xxx

Esther said...

I love, love, love it! Your background is fantastic and every element is perfect.

Candy C said...

Dianne...this is such a cool tag! You just do all sorts of art, don't you? This is such a wonderful tribute to Mary J Blige....that gal that got you through your illness with her bluesy music. :) She is lookin' all fine with her bad self sitting and stylin' on your tag! :)

Love your design and all of the little intricate things you've added to it. I also wanted to thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog. I ALWAYS look forward to hearing from you as you are so upbeat and always say the nicest things. <3 Candy

Julia Aston said...

What a great tag Dianne! love the image and all the red lovliness!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for being so quiet (again!) and fallen fr behind with visiting all my lovely friends and their amazing blogs.
What a beautiful post, for the art and for you opening your heart and sharing your story of the love for music with all of us. Music touches our lives, whether to bring up-lifting joy or a touch of melancholy. I love when on hearing a song it can transport us back to a particular time in our lives.
Your bold tag reflects the boldness of her music and her as a woman, the red being such a fabulous choice and I love the touches of the net and using the pop dots brings such dimension to the tag.
Dianne, I have missed you and your art, I hope I am able to get back on track and visit you more often.
Have a lovely week.
I am so glad to read that Deb's has finished her chemo.

Jacqui Hall said...

Great tag, lots of detail, thanks for playing with the Dragons this time. Jacqui (DT Member)

ElizabethR said...

Your tag is as fabulous as Mary herself! Thanks for sharing with us at the Dragons Dream TIO. Elizabeth xxx

Gio said...

Thank you for sharing your passion with us! Mary is great , nothing else more to say, and music is really therapeutic and makes our life better.

Your tag is really inspired and joyful. Well, done, Dianne!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

That's a gorgeous tag with great details. Thanks for dreaming with us at Dragons Dream Tag It On.

butterfly said...

What a fabulous musical tag - love hearing about all the inspirational music that went into it!
Alison xx

Sue Lelli said...

I just LOVE this and so would MJB! You really caught the vibe with this one and the crown is Perfect! Glad Deb finished her chemo. I read where you said she had a scare. Keep us posted.