Saturday, 1 June 2013



When I was running my group we did a lot of swaps, one of them
was ATCs, that was back in 2005. Aren't they gorgeous..
There is even one made of polymer clay, amazing.
Mine is the one in the last pic, the one with all that stuff on it,
the Goddess..
We were a mixed bunch of artist so they were in different mediums.
 It was wonderful receiving art from around the world, its amazing how
 artist interpret things in all their unique ways.
There is a challenge for Atcs, I've been seeing a lot of artist making them again.
With all the new mediums, techniques, they have become little pieces
of art work,, so I will be entering the challenge, I have around 26 of them on the go.
I'll save all of that stuff for my next post
\.Thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful creative day.
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Julie Ann Lee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely 'welcome back' comment. Oh, but that Tibetan temple heading your blog looks just amazing; I love it. And the ATCs are little gems. Have a joyful, creative rest of the weekend, Magpie cousin :) xx

butterfly said...

What fabulous ATCs - so many varied styles from all the different artists...
Alison x

Sue Lelli said...

I definitely would have picked that one out as yours! LOVE the Goddess! All of them are so FAB in their own different ways! How Lovely to receive little piecs of art from around the world!

Meihsia Liu said...

Wow.... these ATCs are all so awesome! Thank you for sharing, Dianne. ^_^

Julia Aston said...

I bet you could look at these for hours and never really see all of the details!

Joan Ervin said...

What a beautiful collection of ATC's Dianne....lots of different styles and techniques but together they look like a masterpiece!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous array of ATCs, all so different and thank you for pointing out your little piece of art - gorgeous!
I have much to thank you for - you have been so loyal to my blog during my absence and also I noticed you took the time to comment on my DT posts at That's Crafty and also for your beautiful messages filled with good wishes, thank you so much for your kindess.

Kim Dellow said...

great ATC swap, what a lot of fab inspiration. Kim

Love crafts forever said...

Hello my gorgeous Friend. They are gorgeous. I really like yours in black in pink. Is that a polymer clay???
Hugs Nataliya

Anonymous said...

So special, and it's true, artists interpret in so many ways. I have long come to the conclusion that art is a story told by our soul, and when we see it that simply we learn to let go of fear and enjoy telling it our very own unique way. You tell your story very beautifully, Dianne.

earthenmagic said...