Tuesday, 18 June 2013



I had fun making these ones, singing along to my tunes :), playing
with my gelatos,
The first one I made a red dot in the centre, surrounded it with pink.
used my brush and water to blend it.
The second one I used butterscotch, blue, and streaks of
chocolate, blended with the brush and water.
Third one, grey and peach, then blended.
forth one, blue and butterscotch,
I can't remember which blue.
I would if I designer for Faber Castel ^-^.....

AAH my fairy tape,love it, used guava and lavender
These gelatos are making me use colours, I normally wouldn't use.
Not a spot of green any where:O).
You can see in the last pic I have them on an old voting board,
I use them for a lot of things, they are good hard plastic,
it cuts like butter with a hot knife.:)
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful creative day..
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Julie Ann Lee said...

You're getting brilliant at this! Some fabulous effects! Julie Ann xxx

Mary J said...

Oh I love your creative process, Dianne!! These are so rich and gorgeous!

butterfly said...

Loving your washi tape - it certainly makes the gelatos look tempting!
Alison x

earthenmagic said...


Jenn Bedient said...

How pretty! So bright and colorful :) Love them!