Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Hello my Lovelies, it's Tues. evening, I had to quickly take a pic before I get back there... I'll keep it short and sweet for my favorite snoop tour, no not snoop dog, but a peek at what other artist are creating and the Sweetest hostess Miss Julia here, grab a cuppa and head over if you want get inspired....

 I made some  feathers out of eye lash wool, I love them, I'm going to add them to my Accordion book, thanks Ladies :O), and that paper hhhmmm......

 Last week I fly over to the Lovely Shoshi,( love her name) she is a tea bag lover too, she says she drops her used tea bags on paper and you get some lovely staining, I used a piece of water color paper dropped my bags and  also put my tea dyed gauze on there I'm in love with that paper can't wait to play with it..

The box for the book, I've got it ready to gold leaf the feathers..
I'll get back to that now. I'll fly around the world visiting all those fabulous Deskers after swimming, thanks for dropping in my nest, hope you all have a wonderful day...  ((( BIG HUGS )))



Anonymous said...

the box will be beautiful

trisha too said...

Oh wow, Dianne, that box is gorgeous. For whatever reason, my internet has decided to be slow, so I'll be back to see the fiber feathers--you'd think the first photo would load first?

And I'm going to try the teabag trick--we have some raspberry hibiscus tea that is a beautiful color, so we'll see!

(The books are so tiny, it doesn't take long to make several!)

Thank you for all your encouraging words, Dianne--I appreciate your visit to Unruly Paper Arts, it's always a little intimidating to me to post on other blogs!

PS--fed your fish for you while waiting for the feather photo to come up . . .

Happy WOYWW to you,
#13 this week with
tiny books and Valentines

trisha too said...

THERE they are! How did you make them stay in shape like that???

glitterandglue said...

Eye lash wool? Are you pulling said wool over my eyes, Dianne???
Lovely box - it's looking great.
Have an exciting week.
Margaret #74

Claire said...

Beautiful creations, but HOW did you make those feathers?? eyelash wool??
Happy WOYWW :)
no. 26

Laura said...

Awesome feathers, must give that a try...
Happy Wednesday

Anonymous said...

I am so excited at those feathers, they appear to be so realistic it is astonishing!
Also, tea bags - I am not be a tea drinker but you do know how I love to use tea to stain anything and everything and it is so addictive. That paper is most beautiful, it looks to me like a very expensive handmade paper you purchase in expensive stores.
You certainly have been having lots of fun!
P.S. Always, thank you so much for the time you take to visit and leave such sweet comments for me to read.

Tonniece said...

BRILLIANT Di. LOVE IT. And that paper is awesome.
Hugz Tonniece

Sue Lelli said...

OH WOW! That tea bag staining is such a FAB idea! LOVE your feathers, too! Gold = Gorgeous! You are so brave to show your work desk!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Dianne,

Aren't you the clever one; feathers out of eyelash yarn! I love the tea stained paper.

Happy belated WOYWW
Kay (86)

Joan Ervin said...

Hi's been a while!!! You have been creating such beautiful art...what a fabulous idea to make feathers out of wool!!!! I love your box, too, and I'll give the tea bag paper a try!!!

Stamping With Bibiana said...

it is beautiful!
Happy Valentine's Day!

butterfly said...

What a lovely Magpie desk... those feathers are out of this world wonderful!!
Alison xx

May said...

WOW...I am also a tea drinker now I'm going to make use of my Tea bags...Love the effect...your feathers are beautiful... Hugs May x x

Anonymous said...

beautiful and you are so crafty

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow, Dianne, can't believe I missed this! Too busy being a hamster, I guess! Well, I'm feeling a lot better and just drooling over those gorgeous feathers! Your desk is truly magical. I love, love, love the teabag idea! What a wonderful abstract pattern it makes! A visit to your desk is better than medicine. I've been a bit unwell and so busy, but I hope to be back desking again very soon and I shall be winging my way by you to see what you are up to most definitely! Don't want to miss anything! Julie Ann xxx

Victoria said...

Those feathers you have created are very sacred and special! too I am a fan of using tea bags for is awesome..and you have created magic once the colors..!
Wishing you a fantastic week my fiend...and thanks for always shining light into my is deeply appreciated and treasured!

Shoshi said...

Just reading through this again and see that I missed your reference to my teabag art! Thanks! I love the paper you have created. I didn't think of drying my tea-dyed fabric on watercolour paper... next time! It's a real waste-not, want-not project, this teabag art lol!

Your box is so exquisite and I love the subtle colouring.