Friday, 18 April 2014


Hello my Lovelies, I haven't been at my desk since last weekend,
when I made up a few quick and easy cards all from scraps.
Last week one of the sweet Ladies from water fit gave me a whole bag full of crafting goodies, ribbons, netting, threads for card embroidery, with a book full of samples, a parchment embossing set, blank card and envelope to make your own cards. She was so generous, I thought I would thank her by making some  all occasion cards with one of the packages. When I had time on the weekend I sat at my desk going through my 2 boxes full of scraps and made 15 cards, I didn't even need to use card sketches on google images :), first time just made them....
There would have been too many photos if I posted them individually.
I used paper scraps and  Tim's inks to match the scrap pieces, stamped the sentiments, embellishments, easy peasy...

I haven't had any inspiration all week to even get to my desk, so I'm flying around today to visit, been missing those :( ... I know I'll be full of inspiration after visiting you wonderful creative Ladies , you always do ^-^...

Our Deb is doing as well as can be expected, she has gotten an infection while in the hospital so she in in ICU now, thanks for all your support it fill my heart with love..... I'm flying off to visit, wishing you a wonderful  Easter weekend full of love,laughs, with your family and friends... ((( BIG HUGS))) .....



Stamping With Bibiana said...

all the cards are so were busy and you said you have no inspiration???
hugs bibiana

Redanne said...

So sorry to hear that your Deb has an infection, I really do hope she improves quickly, my thoughts are with you both.

You clearly did not need any inspiration from anywhere because your cards are all absolutely beautiful! Take care and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! Such a wonderful selection of cards - clearly one beautiful card led to another......,,and another...,,and...... Hope Deb recovers soon hugs, Chrisx

Kate said...

You have been busy, lady. Love how you used all scraps to create a great collection of cards.

butterfly said...

Firstly, what a fabulous new blog header (though it may not be that new, since I'm so late paying a visit!).

Next, I'm so sorry to heart that Deb has developed an infection - hospitals are such dangerous places for that - and I do wish both of you all the strength and positivity in the world in these difficult times. How wonderful for her to have such a strong friend as you around.

Finally - what fabulous cards - so many delights... hope you are managing to keep your own spirits up - that's important too.
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Deb had been in my mind so it is dreadful to read that she has picked up an infection, a set-back such as this she is in little need of.
Your cards are beautiful, what a fabulous collection they are.
Wishes to you

Gio said...

You got a lovely gift and you made a bunch a lovely cards from it. Brava, Dianne!

Hope you're enjoying this Easter weekend!

iris said...

merci de ton passage
et des commentaires forts
je suis ravie que mon blog
te plaise
je suis tellement triste
un mauvais passage sans doute
à bientôt
edith (iris)

Patrice said...

Hello Dianne,
Each of the beautiful things you show here ..
Greets Patrice

Victoria said...

Wow..such a beautiful array of cards and fantastic goodies..all so unique and striking!
HUgs,sorry to hear that, hope Deb is ok, sending you both hugs of comfort!

Sue Lelli said...

I am so behind that I didn't even know Deb was in the hospital . Sorry! Love all the cards you made. Looks like you were on a roll!

Annie said...

HI Dianne so sorry to hear of Deb's infection...I do hope she recovers soon x
Your cards are certainly inspiring and beautiful

Take care and best wishes
Annie x

Astrid Maclean said...

A stunning collection of cards, wow! You were on a roll there!

I am very sorry to hear of Deb's infection, hospitals are terrible for that.... hopefully she will recover soon! Thinking of you both!

Anita Houston said...

A few cards huh?!? They are all wonderful!