Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hello my Lovelies, I just wanted to share my DS Shirley's BD gift.
I created the ATB to look just like her Humming Bird cottage..
I wanted to take the photos outside her cottage but the lovely rain prevented that.
I must have caught a bug when I was up there and have been sick for 3 days in bed, better now, thank goodness, :), which is why I haven't posted this or visited anyone..
 I used some lovely old coasters from the Queens Jubilee in 1977..
I made it like I usually do but then had to create a roof, I used 2 for the roof and 1 cut in half to create the angle on it. I made some paper for the wood siding and the roof tiles. I had to make a deck, so I glued some Popsicle sticks on an old wood trivet I had, in my stash..
 I used a envelope that had a mesh pattern on it for all the windows, then cut thin strips from old book pages to use for framing them, love how they turned out.

 I stamped 2 humming birds on acetate, coloring them with blue and green pebeo paint, cut them out to put under the eaves , I made some hummingbird feeders from red beads and sequins, I only made 5, she has 14 of them all around and lots of chimes, no time to make them.
 She has one large glass window with no screen in the front, I used a piece of paper looking like clouds and cut a piece of acetate to make it look like the sky reflecting in it..
Oh my goodness I have my Mothers hands, spooky :O)..
 I put the rest of the coasters inside. I didn't cover the inside, I thought she would like that concept, it matches the coasters inside.
I made the hinge stronger by adding some book binding tape behind the paper..

Made the snow shoes out of the same mesh envelope, just turning the paper to change the angles of the lines, I made the table and chairs from tiny spools and round  wooden circles for the tops, glued a piece of acetate on the table, hers has glass on it, inked them all with broken china. I found a scrap of paper that matched her cushions, a half of a circle for the backs. the white light I used a bead cap a bead and a piece of toothpick, gessoed it , I had a fish charm,  hung it with a twisted wire, I poked a hole in the coaster into hang it and all the feeders. She has a huge creepy iron spider, I get chills just thinking about it, I had a tiny stamp of a spider,image that, my friend just lent me in a bunch of tiny stamps, I'll be using them on some stained tea bags..
Ghees  another long post, thanks for stopping by my nest and letting me share this, I had so much fun making it, I love to make miniatures. I have so many wonderful memories of  my many times there it was a pure labor of love.

                             HUMMINGBIRD COTTAGE...
 Looking up from the French River.. You can see all the feeders which by the way you need to use a ladder, to get at, twice a day, she is the Queen of all those hummers...

          I adore the water lilies that thrive on her waterfront ..

 She also feeds a few families of ducks, the babies scurry around eating all the cracked corn or torn bread we throw out....

      I always pick her a huge bouquet of flowers and greenery...

Some pics of the hummers..

 There is always  a female on the cloth line guarding  the feeder, while the males fly around and fight, always buzzing our heads..

I made a book years ago, for all her guests (and she many) to sign and write a tidbit of their holiday at the cottage.
I had pick some wildflowers there one year and pressed them, so thought it was appropriate  to add them to this  book full of  stories...
Okay I'm really ending this post now really, thanks so much for spending some time, letting me share my memories, it's been a PLEASURE   I'll be around to visit can't wait to see what I missed...
                                   ((( BIG HUGS )))



Julie Ann Lee said...

I so loved this post, Dianne! That little replica of Humming Bird cottage is adorable! I love the snow shoes hanging outside and the little bird feeders! How beautifully you created the humming birds from acetate. I remember 1977 - I was a governess for a Jordanian prince and his family that year, would you believe? It was so lovely to come back to the UK for the Jubilee! We've had a couple of robins visiting our bird-feeders for a while now and they are so bold you wouldn't believe! The cottage and the location just look idyllic! So sorry to hear you have been poorly, Get well soon, dear cousin! Julie Ann xxx

Inky and Quirky said...

Gorgeous and super cute creation Dianne,love it

Donna xx

Anonymous said...

Again Diane you have outdone yourself again. The love shows in this gift Glad you are my friend sheila

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow Dianne, another amazing post and project!! Your little humming bird ATB is out of this world, so very clever how you created it, and everything around and in front of it too, that furniture, wow! The real cottage looks so amazing too, so glad you shared some photos of that also, it must be an amazing place, and how thoughtful to create a guest book for her.

You are one lucky lady to live in such a beautiful part of the world, thanks for sharing and I am glad you are feeling better again! said...

What a lovely post about the Humming Bird Cottage! That looks like a place near and dear to the heart and I could take my shoes off and relax there with no worries! Love your mini cottage creation! It is such a good likeness! Well done!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Wow Dianne your hummingbird college is absolutely fantastic. Wonderful details and what a fantastic idea too. I love the adorable furniture and I absolutely love that you shared photos of the real cottage too. Thanks so much Dianne for always being so kind when you visit my blog it is much appreciated. Tracy x

Redanne said...

Wow oh wow Dianne, your little replica is fabulous! The house alone is amazing but the addition of the furniture, bird feeders and snowshoes is incredible - a real labour of love! Fantastic work!

So sorry to hear that you have been poorly, hope you feel well again soon. Hugs, Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Hummingbird Cottage is a darling creation, we are all queuing up to move right in!
Your attention to detail is outstanding, finding myself completely immersed in this post and the special nature of such a gift.
Hope life is being kind to you at the moment and please let me apologise for not managing to visit you each and every time you share a new post on your wonderful Blog.

Gio said...

oh, you are a genius, Dianne! It's so lovely, marvellous the chairs and the table outside. And you can see how much of your heart and memories you put inside! Really a small treasure.

I hope I find you well :-)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow Dianne! This is a real delight to look at! You really do make such inspirational projects but this one is brilliant!! As for the real Hummingbird Cottage - it looks like a perfect place to be although if snow shoes have to kept over the door….hmmmm!!! Hugs, Chrisx

Annie said...

Well I never !! What a fantastic make Dianne...its clear to see that you had much fun and enjoyment creating this fabulous house. I love it and those gorgeous photographs too.
Best wishes
Annie x

Darnell J Knauss said...

What an engaging and fabulous post, Dianne! You have totally captured Shirley's cottage with your sweet ATB for her! She must have been thrilled beyond words with it. Thank you for sharing all the details of your make and also the photos of the cottage life itself! Very charming, just like you, with your mother's hands!! Hugs, Darnell

Julia Aston said...

what an absolutely adorable cottage Dianne! I just love all the sweet details and how useful to house coasters inside! She must have screamed quite loudly when she saw this sweet gift from you!!!

butterfly said...

So, so adorable, Dianne - your tiny version of Hummingbird Cottage is simply wonderful. All the little details - the seat and table on the terrace, the snow shoes, the fish hanging up - simply enchanting!

So lovely to pay a visit to the real Hummingbird Cottage too through your photos - love your visitors' book too... the flowers are gorgeous.
Alison xx

Sue Lelli said...

THIS post was a pleasure! That house - oh my! So many great details! I LOVE the table and chair and really everything!