Wednesday, 12 November 2014


 Hello my Lovelies, time to reveal my magical wardrobe, when a Magpie gets to dream with some wonderfully creative Dragons.
I am blessed, I have been honored to be a Dragons Dreamboat 5 times and also asked to be a guest designer.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for inspiring and encourage me to dream along.
I had to create a special Nest (wardrobe) to store my tags in.
So come along, grab a cuppa, and enjoy the tour of my magical cupboard, full of my dreams....
There a lots of photos and I will be nattering on, as I do, :O)..

 I took the lid of the box sliced it in half with my trusty box cutter.
   I taped all the edges with masking tape making them steadier Gessoed them a couple of times, I was waiting for the fabulous stencil my DS Sandy sent me, they are Roman letters, they remind me of the gorgeous doors on the La Sagrada Familia,  here
 in Barcelona, I believe its the most beautiful church in the world,  they started construction in 1828, they are still working on it, I fell in love with Barcelona and Senor Gaudi who is my favorite artist, architect , his buildings blew me away and that curved bench made out of mosaic tiles, in his park** THE BOMB **. Sorry back on track,  I was very excited with my stencil.
 I painted it with my Fresco paints..

 Ooww aren't those letter lovely, I laid them down on all 4 corners..

 I stamped the word creative on gessoed book page with some Inca gold dots, edged it in fire brick red, the definition is stamped on plain gessoed book paper

 The gold piece in the middle is, well I used a copper colored braclet, cover it with toilet paper, using a stipple brush and water, to catch all the design, I put a layer of mod poge on top, then let it dry.
The next day I carefully peeled it from the bracelet, it had rusted a bit, loved that :), I put it in a book with weights on top to flattened it. I used my gold gelato over it then rubbed it in with my fingers. I thought it looked like a piece of wood molding,  you see on old wardrobes. The handles are 2 pieces from a bracelet, I painted them with Inca gold.
I stamped the words Magpie and Dragons, well the wardrobe is who it was created by,  dreaming with them has been such a joy.

I covered the doors with some same wall paper as the inside.
I took 2 paper sticky back frames, first I gessoed them then painted them with Inca gold, I used some shiny foil paper to make a mirror.
The feather is one of the ones Tonniece has given me, I just had to add a feather, these being special to me, as you know...

 Welcome :), all but 3 of them are in there, the other 3 are too big, I have them hanging around it...

Trying to attach the doors was a huge challenge, since the lid to the boot box is larger so it can slide on top, I didn't realize it until I tried to put the doors and side together. I don't have any hinges, so I had to improvise. I put 2 layers of tape, a mesh layer, and a thick plastic tape with mesh inside the tape. Then I made some washi tape, with white medical tape, painted it with fresco's paint and stamped the alphabet, rubbed some Inca gold over it. I used Alinen's glue in between the layers so it would hold when the doors open, I laided weights on each side letting them dry for a day, so it took a couple of days... The sides and lid meet, so they sit out from the box and give it some room for my large tags, I use all sorts of things to make my tags, never a plain tag, I don't even own one, improvising again, I like that it challenges me..

Eeekkksss, when I got up that morning and went over to take the weights off (pieces of slate), flipped it over, I was devastated to see the letters were upside down, what was I to do, well I could paint over it stamp it again, nope, it's kinda me, and it is just for me, so I'm embracing my mistake.......
I used a long stem of a bull rush, instead of a dowel, they are quite strong, to hold the tags, then used 2 wooden tube beads on the ends, The End....

Thanks so much for visiting and staying till the end, bless you :O)..
I'm off to make dinner and will try to fly around and visit as many as you Lovely Ladies as I can. I haven't had any time to start this fortnight challenge, I must do that, then get to my Christmas things. It's going to be crazy around this nest till the new year, so I will try to live in the moment and it will be all GOOD. Hope you all have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS )))..



Julie Lee said...

Dianne, this is such a beautiful wardrobe for your lovely tags! It's been a joy having you join in with the Dragon's Dream challenges and your tags have been imaginative, innovative and truly inspirational!I really hope you'll go on creating many more! Now don't get me started on Mr Gaudi! My dream is to visit Barcelona some day and see all that wonderful architecture! He made the imaginary into reality - what a magician! And you have worked magic again with this creation, Dianne. I love the letters on your doors and it's great to embrace 'imperfection' and be yourself! I'm always doing things upside down - it's probably a magpie thing! This is wonderful inside and out and a lovely home for your brilliant tags, Dianne. Enjoy all the creative days ahead and don't stress about the Festive Season - just enjoy it! But I don't need to tell you that: I know you will! xxxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! This is amazing - as I knew it would be! I love that stencil too! The colours you have used are stunning together! Love the gold that just gives that feeling of opulence! Hope to go to Barcelona one day! Hugs, Chrisx

Anonymous said...

How I love you sharing your inspiration with us and I perfectly understood why you were inspired because I have also had the joy of visiting Barcelona and visiting this sacred building, on two occasions and would happily visit time and time again.
I have to say that although I find the new areas of the building to hold my interest, it is the original areas which simply take my breath away.
The use of the stencil on your altered box is fabulous and brings not only texture but a gorgeous feeling of history to your wardrobe and what a gorgeous blend of colours you used.
You have managed to re-cycle, up-cycle and to create beautiful and artful storage all from a box .... remarkable!

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Oh wow,now I want to make one!!LOVE's so beautiful but functional too. Must have taken you ages Dianne. You really are extremely talented,thank you for sharing and constantly inspiring us :)

Extra big hugs
Donna xxx

Redanne said...

I think that YOU are the Master Builder Dianne, you really have constructed THE most beautiful tag wardrobe here! I love all of Spain but admit to having a soft spot for Granada and the Alhambra Palace... exquisite. Your tag holder is exquisite with those beautiful colours and roman letters... love it. Hugs, Anne xx

trisha too said...

So my first treat of the day was a visit from one of my favorite bloggy friends in the whole world. (You know I'm talking about YOU, right?)

My second was this magnificent, magical, wardrobe--uh, WOW, Dianne, this is wonderful! I want to open and close the doors, and "play" with all the beautiful things hanging inside.

Now, via the magic of the internet, I'm off to visit your favorite and clearly inspiring church!


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fantastic wardrobe Dianne and what a fantastic idea! I adore it and love the texture too. Tracy x

~*~Patty S said...

My Dear Magpie Dianne ♥
Thank you for sharing your inspiration and your magical creation here with us...there is SO much to Love and enjoy!

Darnell said...

Holy Gesso, Dianne, a spectacular wardrobe for your brilliant tags! What a sensational idea!! Each and every detail is simply marvelous, including the upside down letters! I smiled hugely and clapped when you said you were going to embrace it!! It's YOU, it's unique, and it couldn't be more charming!! Hugs, Darnell

Gio said...

You are magic! A gorgeous, made with love, rich in colours and beautiful wardrobe for tags. Genius, Dianne!

butterfly said...

What a perfect home for your haute couture Dragon tags! You always seem so inspired by the themes, and it's no surprise to me how often you're a Dreamboat!! Wonderful colours on the doors, and I love the effect you've created with those Latin letters. Brilliant!

I'm another Gaudi devotee - I was lucky enough to spend a month in Barcelona when I trained as a TEFL teacher (years ago now) - what an extraordinary artist/architect he was.

Sorry to have missed so much, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of visiting now that the butterfly has landed!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Your Dragon Tag wardrobe is outstanding. You are a genius, and a very talented one at that. This is a wonderful idea for storing all those tags, which I plan have more of. Thanks again for your nattering and inspiring. I usually can't wait to see what you are doing next.

Candy C said...

Dianne...this is so awesome! What a fabulous and creative way to protect your lovely dragon tags. The cabinet is genius! Love the textures and colors. The gold handles are perfect! Thanks for sharing your process is putting this beauty together. It's a treasure!!